R-Decompressor (Recursive decompressor)

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R-Decompressor is a recursive RAR and ZIP decompression utility, you can decompress accross directories and in a recursive way with optional deletion of processed files. Multipart RAR files are supported.




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Dszip - dsZip can compress/decompress applications (.nds files) on the Nintendo DS (TM) console.

Home of dsZipdsZip is a handy utility to compress and decompress .nds files directly on the Nintendo DS. This way it is possible to store many more homebrew applications (or whatever floats your boat!) on a memory card than possible when using normal files, and decompress them only when you really want to use them. The project is based on the GPL'd gzip source code (version 1.24). It uses the devKitPro build tool and libfat to access the memory device. Project statusBIG BOLD NOTE: this is pre-al