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Qwicket is designed to create the basic skeleton of a wicket application with spring and hibernate configurations and basic page constructs built for you.




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Resource-reservation - A java web app for letting people sign stuff out and then return it

This web app was written by me, for me dad, who has a need to keep track of when people sign his equipment out. I added several more requirements including the need to approve of requests and colors. Written with NetBeans 6.1 Dependencies:Java 1.6 Spring 2.5 JPA/Hibernate 3 Wicket 1.4m3 -- I used the QWICKET example as a starting point Log4J 1.2.15 SLF4J 1.5.2 Postgres JDBC (could be swapped out for a different DB) misc libraries: JODA 1.5.2 JASypt 1.5 some mail and commons libraries etc