Quota Manager

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Limit bandwidth by IP on any server (shared or dedicated). Requires no additional software. Just PHP amp; a single mysql database. lt; 5 mins install time!




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Phpsabnzbd - Multi user PHP front end for sabnzbd

AimTo provide a user interface that has the following specs: Multi user Quota management User Administration Simplified user interface


Qualm is a graphical tool for persistent resource management. While Qualm is initially aimed at providing an entirely new method of doing disk quota management, qualm can be used for managing any persistent finite resource.


Vmailadmin is a web tool for managing a qmail+vpopmail installation. It is main use is for ISP staff administration of pop accounts, quotas and etc. Vmailadmin development is dead. Try qmailadmin for a more up to date tool.


IMAP-Agent is an automated IMAP mail folder management system implementing site wide and individual user specific rules for filtering mail between folders. Also, quotas can be maintained by age or max count of messages for any folder.

Pureweb pure-ftpd admin

Pureweb is a PHP/MySQL user management script for Pure-FTPd just for mysql auth. You can add, edit, delete, define quotas, upload, download etc with a web interface. Working on latest version of pureftpd.

Bssoath - BeeSphere SOA Throttler

BeeSphere SOA Throttler was designed to meet the demands of high-volume transaction and service invocations. The BeeSphere SOA Throttler is an API for JVM resources management in java projects. The BeeSphere SOA Throttler provides a way to define resources limits either for your entire software (server, application..) or for users of your software. It helps defining for each actor the allocated resources, memory usage size, queues limits, threads limitations, timeouts and more. Using SOA Throttl

App-engine-workarounds - Workarounds for building Java applications on the Google App Engine

SummaryThe Google App Engine is a great way of hosting your Java applications. And most importantly it's free! (at least if you don't exceed certain quota) Unfortunately, because Google modified the JDK they run your applications with, you will sometimes encounter little obstacles that prevent you from building applications like you're used to. This library provides a collection of utilities and workarounds to help you build applications running on the Google App Engine. Feel free to contribute


openlsm - Web based open source, Linux Server Management(LSM) -LAMP ,FTP,Jabber, Samba,NFS,LDAP and MySQL based virtual hosting, Squid,Backup,Quota,Mail ,spam-assassin, mailable,Asterisk, web hosting, Load balancing, nagios and ganglia monitoring.

Django-gae-cache - Use Google App Engine as cache for your static resources!

Welcome to Django-gae-cacheThis project contains Django middleware and Google App Engine application. MotivationI have few small web application on poor VPS (Virtual Private Server). Because there is everything on single server (Django, MySQL server, static content), I though how to lower server load/save memory/whatever. And this project is a result of my invention. Using this application, you will save bandwidth, memory and CPU load of your web server, because all static resources will be serv