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Quorum is a Web-based invitation and commitment system for group events. It was designed for performance groups -- so we can be sure we have critical mass to accept gigs -- but will probably be useful to other sorts of organizations as well.




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Cassandra-sharp - .NET client for Apache Cassandra

cassandra-sharp is a .NET client for Apache Cassandra. It features connection strategies to adapt to cluster topology and client constraints. Overall, cassandra-sharp aims at simplicity and robustness in a small library compatible with .NET 3.5 and 4.0. Please check DeclarativeConfiguration for more information on the configuration in app.config. Also, check ClusterOperations for more information on what is supported on the ICluster interface and how to extend it. Getting startedEither use NuGet

Ldsqis - LDS Quorum Information System

A distributed database of quorum information updated via a P2P protocol to prevent data from being uploaded to servers on the internet. Assists with: Home Teaching Tracking Ministering Visit Tracking Service Project Tracking Lesson and Teacher Tracking PPI Tracking Callings E-Mail Merges Home Teaching Reminders Home Teaching Change Notice Home Teaching Report Request Lesson Study Reminders Lesson Teaching Reminders Service Project Notifications PPI Reminder Leadership Schedules Leadership Action

quorum-zxmak2 - "Quorum" legacy CP/M-80 computer plugin for ZXMAK2 ZX Spectrum emulator

"Quorum" legacy CP/M-80 computer plugin for ZXMAK2 ZX Spectrum emulator