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Quizzer is a program written in Java which allows you to make and run quizzes written in XML.




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Spanish Vocabulary Quizzer

A Java application to aid in the memorization of Spanish vocabulary and verb conjugations.


Awesome program for quizzes and tests.

Podcastsquizzer - Mobile application to help podcasts' listeners to have a nicer experience whil

When should I use it?You should use this application when you as a podcasts' listener need more tools to improve your skills during your listening. While you're listening to a podcast, you'll be able to add marks associated to your podcast's file, and then write a comment about each one: explaining something new or rather confusing to you, or just writing about what it's being said, you choose! Here you have a demonstration: I'll be uploading the last available screenshot here: Websites involved


Awesome application for quizzes and tests!

Quiz-concordance - Concordance for Bible Quizzers

This is a project to provide Bible Quizzers (specifically, Free Methodist) a program that will adequately meet their needs. It can be used to generate complete concordances for specific books, create lists of unique words, create fill-in-the-blank worksheets, etc.

Quizzermodel - the model part for the quizzer projet

Quizzer Model is part of the Quizzer Project (both front-end and back-end parts) This project contains : the domain classes (Player, Category, Question, etc) the data persistence classes and interfaces (DAO) The DAO interfaces are implemented with Hibernate in our case. But the project has been designed so that you can use whatever persistence framework you like (TopLink, Ibatis, etc). Yes, this is one advantage of using the DAO pattern! The project is built with Maven 2. Here is the UML classes

Quizzeradmin - a full rich internet application powered by GWT 2.0 and Mvp4G

Quizzer Admin is the back-end part of the Quizzer Project (see Quizzer WebApp for the front-end part).It allows administrators once logged in to monitor the web application activity: validating or deleting categories and/or questions proposals, deleted old users, creating new categories, questions, etc. This project is a good example of real-world GWT 2.0 application. It uses also the Mvp4G Framework for the MVP architecture, and Maven 2 as building tool. Here are some screen shots ( see Downloa

Quizzerwebapp - a full quiz web application powered by Java EE (Struts 1 , Hibernate, and Spring)

Quizzer WebApp is front-end part of the Quizzer Project (see Quizzer Admin for the back-end part). It's a full web application that allows you to educate yourself by answering to questions in several categories, just like a quiz. You don't need to be registered to play the game. But if you are, you can in addition propose your own categories, questions, vote for a category / question, have your results saved after each game, ... This project is a good example of real-world web application built

Gimagechannels - Canales de abono

Canales de entretenimiento e información para digital signage. Incluye versión horizontal y vertical

Quizzer - Release history of Quizzer

Release history of Quizzer