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In the Beta release we are planing to include the following:




Related Projects

Tiny4py - A little python wrapper to make shorten urls and QRCodes

A little python wrapper to make shorten urls, using main used services: goo.gl, bit.ly and tinyurl. This little library doesn't need a big documentation, see the file "test.py" in the main directory to see how it works.


JForum is a powerful and robust discussion board system implemented in Java. It provides an attractive interface, an efficient forum engine, an easy to use administrative panel, an advanced permission control system and much more.

WebVulScan - Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

WebVulScan is a web application vulnerability scanner. It is a web application itself written in PHP and can be used to test remote, or local, web applications for security vulnerabilities. As a scan is running, details of the scan are dynamically updated to the user. These details include the status of the scan, the number of URLs found on the web application, the number of vulnerabilities found and details of the vulnerabilities found.

Python Bitly - A python wrapper around the Bit.ly API

A python wrapper around the bit.ly API. bit.ly allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). Reducing the URL length makes sharing easier. Bitly exposes a web services API and this library is intended to make it even easier for python programmers to use.

BitlyDotNET - A .NET API wrapper written in C# for the bit.ly url shortener service

This is a robust and an easy to use client library to shorten your URLs with the bit.ly API in .NET Currently the library only supports the /shorten API method. You can sign-up to obtain an API key on the official bit.ly website.

Bitlyj - A Java interface to the bit.ly API

A Java interface to the bit.ly and j.mp APIs. A DSL for Bitly-powered Url Shortening Services. It is flexible, Bitly methods are no longer hard-wired to an interface, so evolution is possible without API breakage.

Hotaru CMS - Plugin Powered PHP based CMS Engine

Hotaru CMS is a PHP platform for building your own websites. The most common use for Hotaru is social bookmarking. It has all the plugins you need to make your own Digg-style community. It is a framework for making websites customized to your needs.

Xnu - client library for Xnu url shortening service

X.NU is a useful service that makes an URL shorter. An URL that is hundreds of characters long can be garbled and difficult to copy from email or forum post. Sometimes you can't use long URLs within social networks (i.e. Twitter) or instant messaging services. X.NU is a length-optimized service: instead of creating a human readable hyperlink, it shrinks the URL string as much as possible. As an additional service, X.NU offers URL customization only to registered users who want to improve URL leg

MCC Mailtext

The Mailtext MUI custom class package (for Amigas) is especially designed to display electronic messages. Its main features cover: Handling of font attributes, highlighting of quoted text passages and highlighting and handling of URLs.

Ksqurl - K Squared PHP URL Shortener

A forked and updated / partly rewritten version of urlShort. Add the ability to configure and use upper and lower case alpha-numeric shorturls. Improved the URL api to allow the shortening of urls with hash signs. Checkout our demo site: frwrd.us Updates in ksqurl: You now have the ability to chose between random short urls and sequential urls. Added the ability to use uppercase letters in short urls. (You can control which characters are used on a letter by letter basis.) Improved the method us