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A simple C++ unit testing framework contained within a single header file. Minimal code is required for each new test.




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Easy auto test tool

Project idea: -develop auto tests by text editor: one line-one action -each test locates in single text file (in website folder) -tests development - quickly...

Qtpframework - Combined keyword and data-driven framework for QuickTest Professional

This is a test automation framework developed around QuickTest Professional. The framework combines the power of data-driven test automation with the ease of use of a keyword framework. A main goal of the framework is to reduce the amount of code maintenance. This is achieved by turning the script and object definitions into data.

Test Extensions

Interface HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) with your C# code base, plus various extensions for the Visual Studio UI testing framework.

QTP FT Uninstaller

KnowledgeInbox QTP/FT Uninstaller is a tool designed for uninstalling HP's QuickTest Professional or Functional Testing products in one click. The tool should only be used in cases where QTP was working fine earlier and after some update or installation it stopped working. The...

Riatest-integrator - A helper for RIATest allowing additional functionality to be integrated in to f

RIATest Integrator supports a simple framework for creating executable Java processes that can be invoked from RIATest scripts and interacted with via standard in/standard out. The original use case for this project was to support "data dip" functionality during functional testing (a la QuickTest Pro), but in theory anything that can be invoked from Java can be integrated. For example, the RIATest script below uses the built-in SqlIntegration class to call out to MySQL and evaluate the values re


just a quicktest


A reflective batch tester for Haskell.