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QuickTabs is a class to create a multi-tab contents page particularly useful for developing quot;wizardsquot; and complex data in categories (tabbed). You add the content and tab labels, everything else is automatically taken care of.




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FabTab WPF Tab Control

FabTab is a subclass of the WPF TabControl with many extra features: tab close buttons, IE-style "QuickTab" with screenshots of all tabitem's content, tab ToolTips are live screenshots of tab content, drag and drop to reorder tabs, transition animations selected tab changes.

quicktabsdemo - Demo site for quicktabs

Demo site for quicktabs

quicktabs - Patched version of Quicktabs to support view modes.

Patched version of Quicktabs to support view modes.


Drupal module that programmatically creates a Quicktabs block of youth training content.


Demonstrates how to programmatically create Quicktabs that use AJAX to pull up blocks of content from an arbitrary vocabulary


A lightweight method of tab interaction with jQuery for when you don't want the heavy UI suite

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