QuickSwitch Profiler

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QuickSwitch is a utility that lets Linux/Unix laptop users create and use roaming network profiles. Instead of individually reconfiguring the network card, changing DNS entries, hosts files etc. it lets you create one centralized file for all your differe




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Speech based task switcher. Based on Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Broesels-crosshair-switcher - Crosshair-Switcher script for TF2

You may also want to take a look at my HUD for TF2 General InfoThis is a simple Script that allows you to switch between crosshair- and viewmodel-settings for each slot and class individually. It also doesn’t show the behaviour of other crosshair switcher scripts to screw up lastinv (Q). Whereas other crosshair switcher scripts just switch between slot1 and slot 2 when you press Q or whatever key you have bound lastinv to, this script executes the lastinv command just like 'normal TF2'. Also,

Revanxp-hud - Revanxp TF2 HUD

IT'S BACK. GO GET IT!After a break my hud is back. The hud has completely been recoded and should work with all resolutions. Try it, test it hardly and send feedbacks/bug CHANGELOGv 2.3Fixed and updated hud files to match the latest client update release Added soldier's weapon meters (sorry for the late update)SPECIAL THANKS TO Brtwrst Class selection bg is gone. Say thank you to Valve Fixed a crash with item quickswitch panel v 2.2Fixed and updated hud files to match the latest client update re

Communitytf2hud - Custom Competitive TF2 HUD

MANNIVERSARY UPDATEMade everything work with the new update UBER UPDATEFixed all of the scoreboards in ui/addons Made everything work with the new update GRANARY UPDATEFixed a bunch of stuff nobody will ever notice Enjoy. CHRISTMAS UPDATEFixed all the fonts for the new update All the colors should be back to normal Added some scoreboards Fixed a bunch of small stuff nobody is going to notice ENGINEER UPDATEAdded Extine's eXTV Spectator HUD in tf/resource/ui/addons Fixed broken KOTH HUD finally M

Toastyhudtf2 - Custom TF2 HUD

This started out as a little side project of mine to combine Essobie's center based minimalistic approach with a dash of style from Flame's HUD. I personally found them too far to the extreme in both directions so I took it upon myself to find a happy medium and tweak it to my liking. There actually isn't much left that looks like either, but you'll notice 'em if you see 'em. Note: Screenshots on the wiki page aren't guaranteed to be completely up to date, but anything you see on this main page

Chiefhud - TF2 Custom Hud

A custom hud I have tweaked for my liking. I've tweaked parts of many other hud creator's ideas and built upon that to create a sleek but standard looking hud.Feel free to join the Steam Group for announcements on updates Any questions or comments please direct them to this thread Update v1.9.3Small update Update v1.9.2Update for the addition of MNC items. Update v1.9.1Update for Dec. 22nd update. Update v1.9 For Xmas updateTweaks for the xmas update. Some things have changed as well. Sorry have

kate-fuzzyswitcher - kate-fuzzyswitcher is fork of quickswitcher.

kate-fuzzyswitcher is fork of quickswitcher.

quickswitch-for-i3 - A python utility to quickly change to and locate windows in i3

A python utility to quickly change to and locate windows in i3