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QuickQuery is a tool that allow the user to choose SQL type (microsoft sql, mysql, sqlite and more) and inject a query to his the database. You can configure default details of your SQL (like server, username, password etc). QuickQuery allow you to control your SQL database e...




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Greengrocery - Online supermarket

Green Grocery is a BIT final year project which has developed using PHP. This project has divided and developed in to two parts. One is the public website and the other one is the back office system which handles the stock entries, order placed, reporting ect. (Hasantha Liyanage). All the documentation work has done according to the OpenUP (http://epf.eclipse.org/wikis/openup/)

WCFExtras - WCF Soap Header support, Xml comments to WSDL annotation and more

A collection of useful WCF extensions including Soap Header support, WSDL documentation and more.

Php-whois - whois php extension

Welcomephp whois extensionWhois extension support single or multiple domain/ipaddress information query from whois server Use asynchronous socket, faster then fsockopen() Prototype: mixed whois(mixed domain, [int timtout_sec = 3, bool quick_query = false])Example: dl('php_whois.dll'); whois('php.net'); // return string whois(array('','FreeBSD.org')); // return array() whois('php.net', 5, true); // return stringSource code: View: http://php-whois.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ Download: h

Framework Detector

If your application needs framework 2.0 and not framework 3.0 or framework 3.0 and not framework 3.5 how can you know which version is installed? With this tool you will be able to know which framework.

Silverlight String-To-PathGeometry Converter

Silverlight 2 is great technology. But for developers who used to work with WPF there are some missed helper classes, which are very handy. One of them is “PathFigureCollectionConverter” object, which accepts string with figure path definition and convert it to Geometry objec...

Wpf Poker

A simple open source poker game for local area networks. The project is developed under Visual Studio 2008 and uses .NET 3.5 The graphical user interface is pure WPF. Recently the project communications were converted from simple binary sockets to use WCF

Defrost Outlook

outlook 2007 sp1 freezes or hangs in some occasions. until a formal fix release from Microsoft , we want to help in the meanwhile. send what makes your outlook hang (messages,ical,vcal,vcard etc) to defrostoutlook@gmail.com

Licenser - A Software license package

A package used by the software developers for licensing their products. The produced license file is digitally signed. It is also specific for the licensed computer. The developer may license any feature in his program separately. Each of the license features might be time dep...

Silverlight TreeView

Silverlight 2 is great technology, but some of very handy User Controls are still missing. This project provides Tree View user control for Silverlight 2 *NOTE: current code was ported from WPF source code and corresponds to Silverlight 2 RC0