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Welcome to the QuickPlay homepage. QuickPlay is a powerful universal emulator frontend, which has support for countless emulators and systems. Its main focus is on being user friendly and incredibly simple to set up.




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Emuteca - Otra interfaz para emuladores

En español abajo. EnglishSorry, if I write bad "Engrish". Emuteca is an emulator front-end for any system, like QuickPlay. Now, it's in English; and it can be translated to any language (I think so...). It's not complete, but it's stable and usable... :-| Features: Support for ROMs inside a 7z, zip, rar, and any other format that 7zip can handle; and extract the ROM (or all files) before launching the emulator. Alternatively, you can use the compressed file itself as a ROM; for example, while y