Quick Launch Plugin

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This project provides an eclipse Plug-in that enhances the run/debug toolbar.




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Quick Launch

Quick Launch - a New Lightweight and Fast Way to Manage and Launch Thousands of Tools and Applications

Sharepoint Dynamic Quicklaunch

Sharepoint Dynamic Quicklaunch is a jquery plugin to generate dynamic menus for the Sharepoint 2010 Quicklaunch.

wbar is a minimalist fast and light launcher

Just a simple and highly customizable quick-launch tool. A new version is being written to use evas as the canvas engine. It's not yet feature complete but has better transparency support: wbar

SharePoint QuickLaunchExtender

Extends the SP QuickLaunch control to provide a richer experience. Configure it to transform the QuickLaunch into an Accordion, a set of collapsible/expandable panels (Adds scrollbar per panel if height limit is specified and exceeded), or a real-time filterable list. Uses jQuery

Mozilla QuickStarter

A quicklaunch utility for mozilla under kde.

Rails-baseapp - BaseApp is the starting point for your Ruby on Rails App

IntroductionTracking/Issues have moved to LightHouse: http://baseapp.lighthouseapp.com Source: http://github.com/ariejan/baseapp

Catsoftquicklaunch - Google Desktop Gadget for Launching Applications

PurposeThis Gadget allows you to choose multiple directories from your drive and shows the icons of the files located within. The files are executed upon clicking on an icon. The Gadget is written in Javascript. ProjectThe Project is initiated by CATsoft Development GmbH, located in Zurich, Switzerland. If you have suggestions or want to participate open a new issues or contact us. DiscontinuedWe don't do any more development on this tool as Google discontinued Google Desktop


Customizable quick-launch menu with lots of user-specific options & settings.


Did you ever wondered where is the quick launch bar in Windows 7? JumpLaunch is a missing link between taskbar and user. It is a simple program that can display quick launch shortcuts in a jump list. Just "pin" it to the taskbar and it is ready to use.