Quick Data Processor

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A simple and quick data processor for csv files.




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Super CSV

A fast, programmer-friendly, free CSV library for Java

Kobo - The KoBo project of the assists researchers in collecting secure and accurate data in challen

The KoBo Project data collection methodology uses hardware and software technologies to enable researchers (and others) collecting, collating, and presenting information. The basic principles are ease of use, flexibility, and openness to development. IntroductionThe KoBo project assists researchers in collecting secure and accurate data in challenging environments Data CollectionWe provide several tools for data collection. KoBoCollectBuilt on the Open Data Kit, KoBo allows users to administer s

Wavelogger - An open hardware and software project to build a flexible data logger for remote batter

The Wavelogger hardware is based around the ATMEGA line of Atmel processors, a MicroSD card, and a stackable I2C bus that allows alternate power regulation and analog front ends to be used. There are four circular printed circuit boards, each 1.2 inches in diameter; a CPU/MicroSD board, a power regulation and temperature sensing board, an analog and digital IO board, and an analog signal conditioning board. There is an additional board that contains a USB to RS232 converter that allows the hardw

Jsmatep - jSmaTeP - JAVA Smart Text Processor

What is jSmaTeP?Often there is the task to process import data stored in a data file. Or even “worse� - you have to process imported data and afterwards you have to export processed data in a different format into a new export file and send it to a different recipient. What do you do? You write some “handy� code to process the import and the export and you think: that's it! But what happens if the import and/or the export format changes? What do you do if you get a second import and/or e

Simple Batch

Project Description This is a simple batch framework allowing you to define batch jobs in a basic XML format. Contains a basic selection of built-in actions (data processors) such as the following; File (Text, CSV, XML) Email SQL (SQL Server Client) SharePoint (Docum...

Epicnms - Monitoring framework for time based numeric data.

Highly scalable fault-tolerant numeric time-series collection/presentation version 1.2 (stable: http://epicnms.googlecode.com/files/epic-server-1.2.8-r1.noarch.rpm) open source, utilizing true open source software with no license costs easily scales to a tested two million datapoints per minute data-storage server (4 x 2.2ghz xeon processors) flexible user-interface popup graph viewer (demo) dynamic time chooser via area select or click-to-focus autocomplete ds fields based on query filter resul

Seeker-thermal-pmu - A Full system Thermal and Performance profiler

This is a full system Performance and Thermal profiling tool mainly for the Intel Core Micro-architecture but can be easily extended to other architectures. (Basic support for the AMD Opteron is also provided - Minus the temperature and PMU interrupt support) AbstractThere is an abundance of software out there to access the hardware performance counters. Namely, perfctr+PAPI, perfmon2, Vtune(Intel Trademark), Oprofile etc. Very few of them provide sampling features and even few can do full syste

Project0 - FTP File Generator Testing Tool

FTP File Generator Testing ToolThis is FTP traffic generator testing tool totally written in Erlang Programming language. It is mainly used to load FTP server with traffic. The traffic generated are customizable CSV files. The tool mainly consists of a file generator and an ftp client. The File Generator has the following features:Configurable CSV delimiter. Files maybe generated as group with certain prefix and sequence number or standalone. Configurable number of fields and lines. When files a

Barra-sim - Barra: a simulator of CUDA GPU architectures

Barra - NVIDIA G80 GPU Functional SimulatorWhat is BarraBarra simulates CUDA programs at the assembly language level (Tesla ISA). Its ultimate goal is to provide a 100% bit-accurate simulation, offering bug-for-bug compatibility with NVIDIA G80-based GPUs. It works directly with CUDA executables; neither source modification nor recompilation is required. Barra is primarily intended as a tool for research on computer architecture, although it can also be used to debug, profile and optimize CUDA p

sar2csv - A processor for SAR data.

A processor for SAR data.