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QBASIC is an IDE and interpreter based on QuickBasic developed for the Windows OS. QBASIC can be used to create and run BASIC applications as well as CGI scripts for a web server running in Windows.




Related Projects

Quickbaser - desktop front-end for accessing the Intuit's Quickbase

desktop front-end for accessing the Intuit's Quickbase

Ludos - A system running over ms-dos, bringing some modern features

the luDOS project is trying to bring modern features to the old ms-dos system, such as a networking system, a GUI, a powerful command-line and script interpreter (bash and command.com compatible), and many other things. The system is composed of various independant programs wich may be used in batch files, but a C library is also available with the different functions. Since we want luDOS to run on very low-end machines (a 286 with 1 or 2MB of RAM), the code is written in C, in QuickBasic for so


This is GIMI, the Graphical Interfaced Multitasking Interpreter. One of the few GUIs made in QuickBASIC featuring multitasking. This one has its own script language for making programs, damm fast SVGA modes, lots of programs, and more!

Flacker - flex tools for hackers

This concept of this project is evolving. Today it is a project focused on developing tools and utilities in Flex for use with Intuit's Flex/Quickbase SDK.

QB gt; C Converter

Aims at bringing the QuickBASIC language to the GNU platforms.

Freebe - FreeBe - A FreeBasic Intergrated Development Environment

FreeBe is A Quick Basic style Integrated Development Environment for the FreeBasic programming language. When fully completed, FreeBe will include most of the feature that the QuickBasic IDE had. The FreeBasic programming language is an almost feature complete open source clone of QuickBasic (with added features). The one thing that FreeBasic does not have is a clone of the QuickBasic IDE. FreeBe is the answer.


NucOS is a small command shell, that I have created in QuickBasic for the DOS and Windows platforms. Click 'see all files' for more download options.

Plgucm - Compilador de QuickBasic

Proyecto de un compilador escrito en java del lenguaje QuickBasic.