Query Server TCL

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A family of TCL scripts allowing eggdrop bots to query game servers via public commands in IRC. The script submits commands to QStat and returns the result via notice or publicly in the channel.




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# Author: troycheng # email: frostmourn716@gmail.com1. Introduction 该模��供网站��的实时�索功能,调用者需��供json格�的数�,其中包�需 �索引的字段,以�其它需�查询的信�,例如url,时间,简介等等,该模�在接 收到数�之�会将其索引至�盘,查询时�以��Http请求,指定需�查询的字段� 分页的�数,关于该模�的架构设计�以�考Blog上的这篇文章: http://troycheng.

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