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FreeQueryBuilder a java tool that allow you to create SQL queries without directly writing SQL. Works with any JDBC compliant database (ORACLE,MySQL,HSQLDB,Firebird).



Related Projects

Webpy-querybuilder - add-on for creating SQL queries

This is a tool to build and execute SQL queries, for use with It allows for safe queries, because values are automatically escaped. Its syntax is based on CodeIgniter's "Active Record" class, although QueryBuilder is not an active record implementation.

Php-query-builder - Object Oriented Interface to create SQL queries

php-query-builder is a PHP(5) class to help build queries in an Object Oriented fashion. It's interface is inspired by Doctrine's QueryBuilder. For more information check the BasicUsage wiki.

SharePoint CAML QueryBuilder Helper class

SharePoint CAML QueryBuilder Helper class

PrepareQuery for MVC

Разработано для ASP.NET MVC. Central.Linq.Mvc проект надстройка над Central.Linq, которая позволяет формировать динамические запросы от клиена на сервер.

.NET Dynamic SQL Generator

A Database agnostic SQL query builder and Data Access Layer for .NET. Build safe SQL Statements using familiar syntax and execute on any database with minimal effort. Written in C# using VS 2008

Sql Query Modelling Language

This project library creates simple Sql queries.


Tools for generating SQL queries using LINQ. ORM framework is also planned to be implemented.

Qspatialite - SpatiaLite GUI within QGIS ( python plugin)

Manage your spatialite databases directly within QGIS. Use query composer with syntax highlighter and autocompletion or MAPINFO like queryBuilder to get all the power of Spatial SQL. Import/export layers from/to QGIS. Modify your layers with QGIS. Import/export DBF/TXT/CSV. In Short, make QGIS much more powerfull than MAPINFO/ESRI ! Some screenshotsMain window Query Builder Load QGIS Layer Load GIS Layers Import txt/csv Export ResultSet as TXT/tab or Display in QGIS Canvas Export Spatial Tables