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Quechua is a simple but effective kiosk browser. On an easy way protect your system against mischief browsing in a public environment. Quechua Application ReRunner, restarts automatically your application when it being closed by the user.




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Asiru - A mint-based linux, with python development tools ready to use

A mint-based linux distribution, aimed at python software development. It comes with lots of tools ready to use as a live-dvd. Why "asiru"? It means "snake" on Quechua, an ancient language of some south american originary civilizations. You can download the dvd image here (then burn it to a DVD or pendrive) The lastest version of Asiru contains: Editors, IDEs:Vim and GVim: CLI editor, customized with my vim config (fisa-vim-config), wich includes a debugger, autocomplete, class browser, to-do br

Aymara-marka - Portal sobre el idioma Aymara y recursos de software libre

Uno de los principales retos de la informática actual y futura es el desarrollo de sistemas eficaces de tratamiento de Lenguaje Natural, dentro de este campo los traductores automáticos vía Internet asumen un rol importante en este mundo globalizado. En Perú se tiene los idiomas oficiales la lengua quechua y aymara aparte del castellano, para la integración de las mismas es necesario contar con herramientas como traductores automáticos para interactuar con diferentes idiomas y lenguas. Med

Keyboard-expander - Intuitive Keyboard Expander

Intuitive Keyboard ExpanderWrite the special characters of more than 70 latin-script based languages on a US standard keyboard layout quickly and intuitivelyThis is a Windows program (a compiled AutoHotkey Script actually) which allows you to type special Unicode characters from more than 70 different world languages in an easy and intuitive way, and it works by turning common keys into modifiers, much like Control or Alt, for accessing a wide variety of Diacritics and special letters. If you pr

Jgoogletexttospeech - Using google's own TTS, you can have a good (non-mechanical voice) TTS rea

Update 2Just download the zip file. Everything is there. Run the "runme" file and voila. Update 1Important: The easy way to run this jar file is to download the runme file from the Downloads section. Keep them in the same directory and just double-click the runme file. runme.bat is for Windows runme.sh is for all others Note: some browsers like Chrome may move or rename this file. It is perfectly safe. DescriptionJGoogle TTS is a text-to-speech (TTS) reader adapted from the server page code of t

Quechua - A website containing Quechua language notes

A website containing Quechua language notes


A website containing Quechua language notes

aspell-qu - Quechua dictionary for aspell

Quechua dictionary for aspell