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Extensions and utilities to the .NET framework with focus on Silverlight, WPF and WP7 development.



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Bazar-quebec - Project created to host a bazar for my stuff

I am moving to Québec, so I need a place to display my stuff that is on sale.


word color empresa de Quebec

Videotron Cable Modem Usage

Videotron Cable Modem Usage is a freeware utility designed for Videotron internet cable modem customers in Quebec. It gives them an alternative way of verifying their monthly bandwidth and dial-up usage. It displays the information in graphical form.

Bureau Virtuel

This project, part of MILLE (, is an effort to use the uPortal solution for the education domain, especially the school boards and colleges in Quebec, Canada. The objective is to personalize uPortal and develop new web components.

Lsd-dbmanager - l.s.d. database manager: a medical costs calculator

This software is a medical costs calculator for the province of Quebec in Canada. At this time, it just supports S.I.F.O. database, but other databases will be supported in future.

Plink - Open source LED dimming hardware and software

Plink is an open-source dimmer circuit for RGB LEDs. Using 3 sliders, you can adjust the intensity of the red, green and blue channels to create any color. Plink is a project of the Foulab hackerspace in Montreal, Quebec.

Google-gadget-qc-search - Google gadget that show useful link for people living in Quebec city

Google gadget that show useful link for people living in Quebec city

Bambooinvoicequebec - Adaptation de BambooInvoice pour le Québec

Je projète de modifier Bambooinvoice afin d'être en mesure de gérer la TPS et la TVQ au Québec.