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Qubit (Qmail Ultimate Backend Integration Tool) is a Full Web-based Qmail server configuration suit. Based on the qmailrules qmail server installation style. It has the same features of other tools (vqadmin, qmailadmin) but much much much more.




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Qcs - Quantum Computing Simulator

Simulator of quantum computing models (circuits for qubits and qudits and one-way quantum computation model) and quantum walks

Pyqu - PyQu is an extension module for Python to implement quantum algorithms

PyQu is an extension module for Python 3 whose main goal is to provide a complete set of data types and functions for simulating quantum computation with a neat syntax. PyQu is written in C and makes extensive use of libquantum-1.0.0 library by Björn Butscher and Hendrik Weimer. However, PyQu intends not to be just a wrapper of libquantum to Python, but rather a new high-level language (in Python style of course) for quantum programming. Important notesPyQu is under developement and contains bu

Qubit-toolkit - Open information management toolkit

What is Qubit?Qubit is a generic information management toolkit that can be used by organizations and projects to make community specific, web-based cataloging applications. Qubit provides a range of common web application features as well as support for professional metadata standards. Qubit is primarily intended for use in archives and libraries that manage and host web-based collections of information resources. Qubit supports multilingual and multi repository collections. What can I use it f

Yinyangbipolarrelativity - YinYang Bipolar Relativity applied to Qubit Simulation

The project goal is to simulate stable Qubit(Quantum Bit) using YinYang Bipolar Relativity Theory.

Ea-turbo - Matlab files for creating and simulating entanglement-assisted quantum turbo codes

The software "EA-Turbo" supports the results in the paper "Entanglement boosts quantum turbo codes", authored by Mark M. Wilde and Min-Hsiu Hsieh. The paper is about quantum turbo error-correcting codes that exploit entanglement shared between the sender and receiver before communication begins. All software is in the Matlab scripting language (with the "bottleneck" parts written in C and the MEX interface for significant speedups), and it is available under the GNU General Public License v3. Th

qubit - Single Qubit & Some Gates

Single Qubit & Some Gates

sqlalchemy-qubit - SQLAlchemy Mapping for the Qubit Toolkit

SQLAlchemy Mapping for the Qubit Toolkit

QCL-Lab2 - 7 qubit Steane code in QCL

7 qubit Steane code in QCL

django-qubit - A Django ORM mapping for the Qubit data model

A Django ORM mapping for the Qubit data model