CLQ - Command Line Quaternions

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Quaternions are numbers with 4 parts: one for time, three for space.This project creates command line functions that generate thousands of points of quaternions, for the animation software. Think: analytical animation! See examples.



Related Projects


Qspline does quaternion interpolation such that the quaternion and angular rate and acceleration vectors are continuous functions of time, while maintaining quaternion normalization.

QVision: Computer Vision Library for Qt

Computer vision and image processing library for Qt.

Hubble in a Bottle!

A high performance visualization tool for stars and particles able to run on Beowulfs. Rendering step is implemented separately and optimized for SSE, compatible with OpenGL. Navigation mechanism with quaternions. Ten color maps, sobel contour detect

Qjssurfareavolume - Quaternion Julia set surface area and volume plotter

ISO C++ code to plot the surface area and volume of quaternion Julia sets as various parameters are run.

Planar-rendering - Quaternionic fractal rendering

This is an application to generate and render three-dimensional quaternionic fractal data. The interface is in C# and the iterative code is in a C++ DLL.

Pyeuclid - 2D and 3D maths module for Python

Vector, matrix and quaternion classes for use with 2D and 3D games and graphics applications. Compatible with Pygame.

Alphalib - Alpha is a C++ general purpose math library.

Alpha is a C++ general purpose math library. The primary goal for Alpha is to provide simple easy to read source code for a variety of math functions. The library includes -Vector -Matrix -Quaternion -Polynomial -Bezier Collision geometry for shapes: -Box -Cone -Cylinder -Disk -Plane -Ray -Sphere

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XNA Dual Quaternion Skinning

A dual quaternion version of the XNA Skinning Sample. Dual Quaternion skinning is slower than standard skinning but produces more mathematically accurate results and reduces undesirable candy wrapper effects that are often seen at shoulder joints of meshes.

Robotics-toolbox-python - The Robotics Toolbox for Python

A port of the Robotics Toolbox for Matlab to the Python language. First version is out now with support for: homogeneous transforms unit-quaternions trajectories forward and inverse kinematics inverse dynamics Rudimentary 3D graphics is now available: check out the trplot() function For the moment there is no: graphical animation forward dynamics Built on NumPy.

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