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Quan is designed to model physical quantities in C++ programs. Advantages include automated dimensional analysis checking, automatic unit conversions, self documentation of code.




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Ur-Quan Masters HD

Ur-Quan Masters HD Mod. An HD remake of Star Control 2. It's the full Ur-Quan Masters game but also featuring a high resolution mode, new features, amp; new artwork.

WenQuanYi (Spring of Letters)

This project aims to develop the most complete, standard compliant, high-quality Chinese (and CJKV) fonts and resources, including bitmap and outline fonts of various styles. We also develop web-based tools to facilitate online font-dev collaborations.

The Ur-Quan Masters

A port of The Ur-Quan Masters, using SDL, targetted for Linux, all BSD, Windows, MacOS X, and other SDL-supported platforms.

Qlhs-thcs-dth - quan ly hoc sinh thcs

de tai quan ly hs truong thcs DTH

Udtp-2011 - Quan ly ho so tin dung

Quan ly tien trinh xu ly ho so tin dung

Hdtkw-hv - do an cuoi khoa

do an ke ve dieu hanh quan ly mot doanh nghiep vua va nho

Quan-ly - QLPT

project quan ly phong tro