Quake I for Nokia Series 60 devices

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Quake I port for Nokia Series 60 devices




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Pyq3 - Python + Quake 3

pyq3 is an experiment in OpenGL rendering with Python using Quake 3 formats. Long term goals: Fully implement Quake 3 asset rendering in pure Python Render at 30fps minimum (60fps would make me happier) At least one player able to interact with the world normally Short term goals: Parse shader scripts and render BSP surfaces with full texturing. Currently implemented: BSP loading and rudimentary rendering of brush and triangle surfaces, with lightmap textures only. Ray collision against the worl

Stjerm-terminal-emulator - A GTK+-based drop-down terminal emulator.

OverviewStjerm is a GTK+-based drop-down terminal emulator similar to the consoles used in PC games such as Quake and Half-Life 2. Stjerm sets itself apart from similar programs by providing a minimalistic interface combined with a small file size, lightweight memory usage and easy integration with composite window managers such as Compiz. News 2011-02-01 Stjerm 0.14 Released! New feature: You can now set whether you want an audible bell enabled for the terminal though the .Xdefaults and runtime

Dqvm - QVM for Tremulous

,, `7MM .g8""8q.`7MMF' `7MF'`7MMM. ,MMF' MM .dP' `YM.`MA ,V MMMb dPMM ,M""bMM dM' `MM VM: ,V M YM ,M MM,AP MM MM MM MM. M' M Mb M' MM8MI MM MM. ,MP `MM A' M YM.P' MM`Mb MM `Mb. ,dP' :MM; M `YM' MM `Wbmd"MML. `"bmmd"' VF .JML. `' .JMML. MMbA QVM (Quake Virtual Machine) for Tremulous by DraZiLoX, based on lakitu7's QVM. Added featureschanged some texts added !firework [a|h] which plays winning animation for both/selected team (originally by Amanieu) added welcome message added freecredits cvar add