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Quake 2 based engine with glsl per pixel lighting effects and more




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Mayhem-launcher - A launcher for classic FPS (Doom/Quake/Duke Nukem 3D)

Mayhem is a GUI launcher for classic first-person shooters such as Doom/Doom 2/Heretic/Hexen. Other games, such as Quake and Quake 2, and Duke Nukem 3D, could be added as the project matures. The GUI is provided by Gtk2-Perl, and should be runnable on any platform that can host the GTK libraries and Perl scripting language. This would include Windows XP and newer, Mac OS X (via Fink, MacPorts or maybe even Homebrew), and pretty much every flavour of Linux and BSD currently available.

Jake2-ext - Extensions to Jake2 (Java 3D game engine)

Jake2 is a Java 3D game engine. It is a port of the GPL’d Quake2 game engine from id Software. To use the Jake2 engine you need either the data files from the original game or from the demo version that is available for download from ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com. Jake2 uses jogl for OpenGL graphics and joal for 3D sound. Since version 0.9.4 an a lwjgl driver is included as alternative for the jogl/joal combination. Currently supported operating systems are Linux and Windows2000/XP but it should wo

Q3anotifier - LAN games notifier for Windows.

Introductionq3anotifier installs itself in so called notification area (a.k.a. systray) and notifies the user whenever a new LAN game is started. Currently following games are recognised: Quake III Arena OpenArena The software is at the moment confirmed to run only on Windows XP. Development is done in Python 2.6. New in beta3a:See the release notes.

Js-cloud-computing - Evaluate if and how javascript engines cope with computationally expensive task

Developing the next generation distributed gridContribute to scientific computations solely by visiting a website. No software installation/registration required! News:Link to our todays presentation @GTUG Berlin: https://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dg5bfjcx_10dkfdvvd8 Webserver with client side calculation is online! Check out http://js-cloud-computing.appspot.com/testing.html Current achievementsBioJava 3 core and alignment migrated to Javascript using Google Web Toolkit Server up and runn