Quake2 and Xatrix DM plus

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Quake2 baseq2/Xatrix gamei386.so enhanced code for DED DM only servers - all non-essential code/clutter removed, fixed bugs and game play enhancements added. Designed for speed on a deathmatch server (r1q2ded recommended) - server: xatrixuk.servegame.org




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Tremor-quake-engine-projects - Collection of Projects Relating to the Quake Engine Series

This site has modifications of the id Software released source code to the Quake series of games, as well as associated utilities. I have projects based of GL NetQuake, GLQuake 2 and Quake 3, as well as another project based of the SciTE/Scintilla code editor/IDE, bundled with cleaned up QuakeC code. Basic information can be found on my Start page. My general news updates can be found on the Blog. 5-18-2011 - I now have a couple of key downloads available on the download page. Enjoy!

Demo-collector - A program so u can very EASY collect demos with nice FRAGS + TIME.

A program so u can very EASY collect demos with nice FRAGS + Time.While u play have:1. Autorecord on 2. When u make a nice frag make a screenshot (bind it somewhere easy: i have it on mouse3) After a hard fraging day just run the program and it will get u all your demos with screenshot in a very good looking format for making movies :) Documentation:Documentation Change log:Change log Main Windows: Sample Output: Notice the 00.11_00.19 at the end of the first demo name. That means that this demo

Entityplus - EntityPlus is a mod that offers a true single player experience in the Quake III Arena

EntityPlusEntityPlus is a mod that offers a true single player experience in the Quake III Arena videogame. The term "single player" here is used to describe an experience more akin to the single player games of Quake or Quake 2 than Quake 3's own single player bot matches. To facilitate this, EntityPlus implements a lot of features that are strictly aimed at single player gameplay. News and information about new features will be reported to our Twitter feed as they are implemented. This offers

Cominegl - C/C++ Library for writing 3D games

ComineGL Game LibraryThe Comine Game Library(ComineGL) is a streamlined C/C++ API focused on writing games to learn programming in a fun and simple way. TutorialsTutorials and videos can be found at http://comine.com in the ComineGL Section. Please Always Download the latest version of the library when running the Tutorials The ComineGL API is constantly being extended to add more features which the tutorials explain. An older version of the library may not work with a new feature discussed in a

Tmg - TMG Quake2 Mod

TMG or The Mod Guild, was originally authored by RaVeN, and now maintained and further developed by greider. It's most common use is as a CTF Railwarz mod for multiplayer, but can be used as a DM server, regular CTF server, with any options. It includes advanced bots for use in internet or local games with 1 or more players. The mod contains many customizable features too extensive to list here. Some features include: 9 runes plus ctf techs adjustable everything, from respawn times to damage to