Quail - Selenium Remote Control Made Easy

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Quail makes it easy for Quality Assurance departments write automated tests against web applications. Both HTML and Silverlight applications can be tested. Code generation tools are provided to make writing your tests even easier. Written in C#, Javascript and Silverlight.




Related Projects

Moodle-accessibility - Moodle accessibility plugin

Using the QUAIL accessibility library http://quail-lib.org, this Moodle Filter and Block allow scanning course content on-the-fly for accessibility concerns.

Quail-lib - QUAIL Accessibility Information Library

QUAIL 2 is comingWe've reengineered QUAIL to be both a PHP and jQuery library, refactored out 70% of the source code, and added 100 new tests in our new home at GitHub. QUAIL is a PHP library that lets you easily check HTML for adherence to accessibility standards. It comes with over 200 tests which implement Open Accessibility Tests and comes with WCAG 1.0, WCAG 2.0, and Section 508 guidelines. Developers can build their own guidelines, or easily build a custom guideline that integrates with a

Sea Quail SQL Writing Library

Sea Quail is a library for building SQL queries using objects in .Net. It's intended to work with any mainstream RDBMS. Add/remove tables, columns, and foreign keys, insert, update, delete, and select programmatically, without string building. It's developed in C#.

Quail-server - QUAIL Accessibility Information Server

A sister project of the QUAIL Accessibility Information Libray, Accessibility Information Server is a Drupal distribution that can scan other websites for compliance with accessibility guidelines like Section 508, WCAG, or any other custom guideline an administrator would like to build. This is the initial hosting space for the server project while it is very unstable and not to be used in production environments (and while we wait for CVS to go bye-bye in Drupal). Once we get stable, this will

Xspets - OpenSource Breedable Pet for Second Life and OpenSim

XS Pets is the source code behind the XS Quail breed-able pets on Second Life.

Mechurial - Mechurial Game Engine

Mechurial Game Engine Mechurial mean "egg of quail" by Korean

Cccii - Chinese Character Code for Information Interchange implementation

Chinese Character Code for Information Interchange implementation 中文資訊交æ�›ç¢¼ is an coding system for full range Chinese character set (around 50~70K) 短期目標在Emacs 上用mule-cccii 實ç�¾å°�CCCII 大字集的支æ�´ï¼Œä½œç‚ºåŸºæœ¬æ¸¬è©¦å¹³å�°ã€‚ å­�目標輸入 emacs å�¯ä»¥ç”¨xim 輸入法也å�¯ä»¥ç”¨å…§å»ºçš„quail 輸入法,é �計先從quail 開始,短期目標ä¸�求效率。把基本測試平å�°å…ˆå»ºç«‹èµ·ä¾†ï¼Œå¾Œé�¢å†�加入gcin è·Ÿlibchewing ç­‰...的支æ�´ã€‚ å­—é«”é¡

quail - The QUAIL Accessibility Information Library

The QUAIL Accessibility Information Library

nest - The platform for Quail Comics

The platform for Quail Comics

apple-cyrillic - Quail package for inputting Cyrillic characters

Quail package for inputting Cyrillic characters