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Quack is a daemon-mode gnutella server. It allows file indexing so that searches do not depend solely on the filename, as is required by other gnutella servers.




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Brokenspell - PyWeek09 Broken Spell team shared repository

PyWeek 9 team Broken Spell need a code repository. This is it. A very simple game, with quacking. To download, see the green 'featured downloads' area on the right of this page. To play on Windows, download the 'SinisterDucks-x.x.x-mswin.zip' file, unzip it, and double-click the executable. To play on Macs and Linux, you must run from source. Install Python and the other dependencies described in the README first, then download the 'SinisterDucks-x.x.x-src.zip' file, unzip it and run python -O S

Phpreboot - A reboot of PHP: keep the philosophy, improve the syntax

I've written that language to make you awesome. -- the author PHP.reboot is a reboot of PHP, each Hollywood movie has its own reboot, why not doing the same for one of the most popular programming language. The aim is to keep the philosophy of PHP but adapt it to be more in sync with the Web of 2010. Quick links: Mailing list Download Highlights: less $, less ';' like in javascript secure by default: no eval, no magic quotes/string interpolation full unicode support no from/to string auto-conver

Duckapter - Duck typing support for Java

DuckapterDuckapter is Java reflection and duck typing library. The beta release of the version 0.7.0 is out. The API of the facade class Duck and the behavior of annotations from org.duckapter.annotation package won't change in final release and your application can rely on them since this beta release. Other parts of the library may vary in future due the performance optimalization. In a nutshell, this release can be safely use for duck typing using the built-in annotations but it is not yet re

Quackbot - Java Based IRC Bot Framework/Program

Quackbot is a Java based IRC bot framework/program designed to be a simple, easy to use, and easy to write for bot. Other frameworks have little or no documentation, are strange to use, or require complicated setup with XML files. Quackbot requires none of this but includes the documentation (soon), and can be started in as little as 3 lines. Important Features No complicated setup or XML Extensive documentation (soon) Can develop commands in only a few lines of code Hook driven architecture Plu

Quack-saplink - Repository for SLINK files

This project will be used to provide a resource to ABAP developers to share code examples and application solutions.

Quack-rs - Quack:RS - open source redak�ní systém

Quack:RS je malý a jednoduchý redak�ní systém ur�ený pro menší weby. Jeho výhodou je, že ke svému běhu nepotřebuje žádnou databázi. Podporuje vytváření, snadnou editaci a mazání stránek, upload obrázků do galerie, obsahuje kontaktní formulář, diskuzi s možností moderace a mnoho dalších funkcí. Stažený soubor sta�í rozbalit a nahrát do požadovaného adresáře na vašem hostingu. Pak musíte přiřadit práva 777 složkám "images" a "clanky", a také soubor

Dynamicrecord - Dynamically add attributes to Rails' ActiveRecord models

DynamicRecord is a plugin for Rail's ActiveRecord which lets users dynamically expand at runtime an ActiveRecord model's set of attributes. This facilitates users to design their own forms, for example, and collect data submitted on those forms. A goal is to make this feature completely transparent, so the dynamic model looks and quacks like a conventional ActiveRecord model. Other than aesthetics and my own coding preference, this is important so the DynamicRecord models can utilize ActiveRecor

quack - microblogging


quack - test server for quack

test server for quack