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QtMoko is distribution and software stack for Linux based SmartPhones




Related Projects

Sqt2vcf - A perl script that convert the phone numbers from the sqlite databese in vcf format.

A perl script that extract the phone numbers from a dumped sqlite databese and export them in a vcf. The sqlite database is intended in the Qtopia form. Usage of sql2vcf.pl (use no module, strongly discouraged): $ scp root@frqte:Applications/Qtopia/qtopia_db.sqlite .$ sqlite3 qtopia_db.sqlite ".dump" > qtopia_db.txt$ ./sql2vcf-1.0.pl > qtopia_db.vcfUsage of sql2vcf-2.2.pl (use DBI with DBD::SQLite): $ scp root@frqte:Applications/Qtopia/qtopia_db.sqlite .$ ./sql2vcf-2.2.plor: $ ./sql2vcf-2.2.pl -

Edituenv - uBoot boot-loader menu editor

If you want to modify the menu of your uBoot boot loader (editing a text file as you are used with GRUB or LILO) and you run a fso-based distro, this is for you! On Debian based distros, like Hackable:1, Debian or QtMoko, you will need to install (if not present) fso-utils and mtd-utils. Vim is strongly suggested! A new GUI needs you! editUenv-2.sh usage (uboot-envedit, flash_eraseall and nandwrite are required): # ./editUenv-2.shflashKernel.sh, flashImage.sh, flashUboot.sh and flashSplash.sh ar

qtmoko-apps - Applications for QtMoko

Applications for QtMoko

qmokoplayer - Media player for QTmoko

Media player for QTmoko

qneoroid - Eoroid clone for qtmoko

Eoroid clone for qtmoko

indent - Patched GNU indent for qtmoko project

Patched GNU indent for qtmoko project

minitube - Minitube port for QtMoko

Minitube port for QtMoko

navit - Navit port to QtMoko

Navit port to QtMoko