Qt Jambi

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Qt Jambi is the Qt bindings for Java developers




Related Projects

Yadam - Yet Another Digital Asset Management

This is an image manager written in Java using the QT-Jambi GUI toolkit.

Kvitter - A QT-based Twitter-clint made for use with one or multiple twitter accounts

Kvitter is a small and handy Twitter-client that can be used with one or more twitter accounts at the same time. Uses JTwitter and QTJambi as libraries.

Saist - Sistema de Administración Integral para un Sitio de Taxis

Desarrollado en tres capas, usando servicios web de axis2 para la comunicación entre capas, qtjambi para la presentación y mysql para la persistencia de los datos

Pyxx - C++ parser and boost::python code generator

Based on the QtJambi generator (which is based on the KDevelop parser) Exposes an object model of parsed C++ source, suitable for the purposes of generating code. A code generator for boost::python is provided. This project provides features substantially similar to the Py++ project, but aims to parse the code much faster and without any reliance on GCCXML.

Talentcalc - World of Warcraft (WoW) Talent calculator for the Desktop

This is my GUI project for GUI Programming class. I'm using QT Jambi (QT's Java api) as the graphical toolkit.

Koltello - The every day use app!

Koltello is mainly a QT Jambi experiment. Using QT Jambi I want to create a personal app for every day use.

Tulip-plugins - Tulip Plugins Handling

Tulip is a powerful tool to visualize and edit graphs. This project's aim is to use QtScript and QtJambi to write Tulip plug-ins to ease plug-in development. A Python scripting view has been integrated in the latest Tulip version, rendering this project half obsolete. tulip-plugins is moving to github ! Follow us there : http://github.com/packadal/Tulip-Plugins

Sistema-falou - Sistema de Recomendação de Planos Telefônicos para Celular

O Sistema Falou faz um perfil do cliente através de perguntas e escolhe entre Pré, Pós e Controle. Depois, de acordo com as preferências do usuário, monta o plano mais adequado, usando as opções de pacotes disponíveis.