QTest - C# port of fitnesse server

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C# port of Fitnesse Server (visit for more info: fitnesse.org) Goals: Offline running of fitnesse cases Smooth integration with continuous builds MsBuild targets, and MsTest integration for code coverage Server based implemenation for team operation(possibly...




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Virtualbox-translation - By now, it will host the Spanish translation of virtualbox.

The spanish translation of the official VirtualBox interface. For spanish check this SpanishTranslationReference The qt translations repo: (to get qt_es.ts) http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qttranslations

Qtrunner - a Unit Test runner for C++ unit testing (GoogleTest & QTestLib)

News 10/17/2010: QTRunner 0.2 released10/15/2010: QTRunner 0.1 released QTRunner is a tool for running a number of unit tests and showing the results in a little GUI application. You can see QTRunner as a batch processor which runs all the tests in it's config. At the beginning QTRunner will support QTestLib and GoogleTest unit test executables. But support other Unit frameworks can be added easily. QTRunner is written in C++ and uses Qt, a cross-platform application and GUI framework from Nokia

QAutoTest - Example QTestLib project

Example QTestLib project

qtestudo - Graphical User Interface for the unittest framework. Formerly known as "qtest".

Graphical User Interface for the unittest framework. Formerly known as "qtest".

reqtest-task - Coding task for ReQtest

Coding task for ReQtest

qTestJiraPlugin - Plugin for Jira qTest connection

Plugin for Jira qTest connection


a qTest gui tool.


This project can be use to convert QTestLib result Xml to Junit Xml format


A Fortran2003 Unit Testing Framwork build on QTestLib