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Terminal emulation widget based on KDE4` Konsole, rewritten entirely with QT4.




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Pyqt4-extrawidgets - A collection of PyQt4 widgets made from third party Qt4 widgets with SIP

A collection of PyQt4 widgets made from third party Qt4 widgets from http://www.qt-apps.org/ with SIP. Current PyQt4 Bindings in trunk- QTermWidget - A terminal, konsole like widget. (Status: done). Download Source. - PyQt4 bindings in qtermwidget CVS - the "official" bindings, similar to my code. - QfMacNavBar - Qt widget similar to Mac OS X 10.5 Sidebar used in some apps. (Status: done) Download Source. News2009.06.19 - Added link to QTermWidget PyQt4 bindings in CVS 2008.11.30 - QTermWidget v

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PyDingo will be a cross-platform File Manager based on PyQt4. The key feature will be pluggable widgets that will handle various URLs (text editor for text files, file browser for folders, media player for multimedia files and so on) shown in tabs (or opening files in external applications assigned to such files). Tabs will be detachable as QDock external windows or embedded on the PyDingo window sides (thus allowing 2 panel or more file management). The purpose of creating such application is t

Qscite - QSciTE - A SciTE clone, written in Qt4 and C++

Project Status (February 2010)I've branched the project to work on replacing our own QTerminal classes with QTermWidget that I found else where (it's a Qt4 port of the Konsole code from KDE). It's much more complete and usable than our QTerminal widget was going to be. Since the QTermWidget project seems to have stagnated, I'm forking it here to fix bugs and add features as necessary. If you've stumbled on this project and you want to either help in development or suggest a feature, don't hesita


Fork of https://gitorious.org/qtermwidget adapting PyQt4 API to fit Prymatex Editor needs

qtermwidget - fork of qtermidget-0.1

fork of qtermidget-0.1