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QTerm is a BBS client in Linux.




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Pyqt4-extrawidgets - A collection of PyQt4 widgets made from third party Qt4 widgets with SIP

A collection of PyQt4 widgets made from third party Qt4 widgets from http://www.qt-apps.org/ with SIP. Current PyQt4 Bindings in trunk- QTermWidget - A terminal, konsole like widget. (Status: done). Download Source. - PyQt4 bindings in qtermwidget CVS - the "official" bindings, similar to my code. - QfMacNavBar - Qt widget similar to Mac OS X 10.5 Sidebar used in some apps. (Status: done) Download Source. News2009.06.19 - Added link to QTermWidget PyQt4 bindings in CVS 2008.11.30 - QTermWidget v


Terminal emulation widget based on KDE4` Konsole, rewritten entirely with QT4.

Qscite - QSciTE - A SciTE clone, written in Qt4 and C++

Project Status (February 2010)I've branched the project to work on replacing our own QTerminal classes with QTermWidget that I found else where (it's a Qt4 port of the Konsole code from KDE). It's much more complete and usable than our QTerminal widget was going to be. Since the QTermWidget project seems to have stagnated, I'm forking it here to fix bugs and add features as necessary. If you've stumbled on this project and you want to either help in development or suggest a feature, don't hesita

Pkg-newedit - LI Daobing's debian packages

NEWStxtreader 0.4.1-1 (2008-07-14) debian package: scim-python 0.1.12-1 (2008-06-21)scim-python: python bindings and input methods for scim download: http://code.google.com/p/pkg-newedit/downloads/list?q=label:scim-python source package: dget http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/s/scim-python/scim-python_0.1.12-1.dsc upstream homepage: http://code.google.com/p/scim-python/ debian package: chmsee 1.0.1-1 (2008-05-17)chmsee: A chm file viewer written in GTK+ download: http://code.google.com/

Dickeny-pkgs - Dickeny's pkg repo for ArchLinux.

Dickenyçš„ArchLinux软件打包。 多数是从AUR上下载编译的,平å�°æ˜¯x86_64å’Œany。i686的朋å�‹å�¯ä»¥å…³æŽ‰è¿™ä¸ªé¡µé�¢äº†ã€‚ 注æ„�,ä¸�è¦�使用此repo中的kernel26包ï¼�ï¼�æ­¤repo中的kernel26*包都是æž�度定制的,若在你的电脑上能够è¿�行,那就真的是春哥显ç�µäº†ã€‚。。 建议有需è¦�的朋å�‹ä¸‹è½½ src.tar.gz包æ�¥è‡ªè¡Œç¼–译。我在PKGBUILD中添加了zh-utf8支æŒ�,一直是中文终端用户的必备ï¼� å†�次æ��醒,本repo仅适用于x86_64ç

qterm-hack - Some dirty but convenient hacking of qterm, a nice BBS client

Some dirty but convenient hacking of qterm, a nice BBS client


A Simple Terminal Emulator for Mac OSX

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