QStat - Real-time game server stats

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QStat is a command-line utility for collecting real-time statistics from on-line game servers. The games supported are generally limited to the first-person-shooter genre (Quake, Half-Life, Unreal, etc). Statistics may be output in a variety of form




Related Projects


XQF is a game server browser and launcher for Unix/X11 written using the GTK+ toolkit. XQF is a front-end to QStat and supports many games including Quake, Quake2, Quake3 and Unreal Tournament.

qmHandle - a tool for the qmail queue

qmHandle is a tool which can be used to manage the qmail message queue. It's written in Perl (so fully customizable) and has more features than qmail-qread and qmail-qstat.

Pyservmon - A Python server monitor

I'm creating a server monitor that uses qstat as a backend, to replicate ServerSpy's Server Monitor on the frontend.

QStat Tools

Various tools for collecting and displaying information from qstat, with things such as CGI and also an IRC bot so far.


A GNOME applet that allows you to view the current status of servers running games supported by qstat and which notifies you when friends join those servers.

Query Server TCL

A family of TCL scripts allowing eggdrop bots to query game servers via public commands in IRC. The script submits commands to QStat and returns the result via notice or publicly in the channel.


wmQStat is a dockable front-end to qstat by Steve Jankowski, a popular command-line monitor of lots of Internet game servers, i.e. Quake/W/2/3, Hexen2/W, HL/CS/HL2, Tribes/2, RtCW, UT200x, DooM 3, FarCry, to name a few (this list is by far not complete).

Linux game launcher Project

A fast and easy-to-use Game-Server-Browser for Linux. Its ment to be a stand-alone application and not just a front-end to 3rd party apps like qstat. Req. Kylix3 libs.

Urtconnector - Advanced UrbanTerror launcher program and server browser

Advanced UrbanTerror launcher program. What can UrTConnector do? Primary developed by Vladislav Navrocky (=XaoC=vlad.ru), =XaoC= and Loaded Arms Russian clans members. This program uses Qt4, written in C++ and can be run on windows, unix or mac. Our jabber-conference on the program is here urtconnector@conference.jabber.ru . UrTConnector at urbanterror.info forum. Screenshots of UrTConnector are here. HowTo about the launching game in second X server is here. Mac developer wanted! Work on portin

Vlsi-utils - Utilities to aid in the development of ASIC and FPGA designs

VLSI UtilsThe vlsi-utils project contains several utilities designed to ease the development of ASIC and FPGA designs. These utilities are written in Python, and have been tested under Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu Linux. ComponentsRegenerate - A graphical interface that captures information about the registers in a design. It can generate synthesizable RTL code, documentation in OpenOffice format, and header files for C, Assembler, and Verilog. simon - A script that can be used to assist