Qsopcast - a QT based GUI front-end of the Linux command line executive of P2P TV sopcast.

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qsopcast是P2P网络电视sopcast的GUI�端。 �作系统�求:Linux (最新版本在Ubuntu下测试通过) 库�求:QT3或QT4 安装�求:把sp-auth更�为�执行文件sp-sc,然�放到/usr/bin或/usr/local/bin qsopcast is a QT GUI front-end of the Linux command line executive of P2P TV sopcast (http://wwww.sopcast.com). Operation System Requirement: Linux (tested under Ubuntu) Library requirement: QT3 or QT4 Installation requirement: sp-auth needs to be renamed as sp-sc and placed in execution directories such as /usr/bin or /usr/lobal/bin 特性: 1. 多节目�播放/录制(对于�一节目,在��页�打开,����行一个 sp-sc程�) 2. 直接sop�地�播放/录制(在�索框输入sop�地�,然�点Launch播放/点Record录制) 3. 书签(点鼠标�键删除)(编辑 ~/.sopcast/bookmark�手动加入节目(若节目列表无该节目,但知�其sop�地�)) 一些节目地�: 鳳凰中文 sop:// 鳳凰資訊 sop:// 鳳凰電影 sop:// 衛視西片 sop:// 亞視本港 sop:// 亞視高清 sop:// TVB明� sop:// TVB8 sop:// AXN sop:// 國家地� sop:// 探索頻� sop:// features: 1. simultaneous multiple channels broadcasting/recording (for identical channel opened multiple times on different pages, only one sp-sc program is invoked) 2. direct broadcasting /recording of sop channel address ( enter sop channel address in search entry and click 'Launch' to play or click 'Record' to record) 3. bookmark (right click mouse to delete) (edit ~/.sopcast/bookmark to manually add a channel (if you cannot find the channel from the channel list but you have the sop address))




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