Qreed's Little .Net Library

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A little .NET library which I'm using for my open source projects.




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ILMerge-GUI, the .NET merger

Graphical interface to the Microsoft ILMerge utility. Makes it merging multiple .NET assemblies easy and hassle-free.

Big-caller-id-theme-template - Template for themeing BIG! caller ID

HELLO TO BIG! caller ID THEME TEMPLATEFollow link to get started: linkNEWS07.01.2012 We update source code with AnimationView . It is commented, but if you have questions please mail us. 24.11.2011 We are going to remove faulty dialpad and mute button. As to give something in return we are implementing CustomView, where you will be able to display your animations. Also we are working on bluetooth button, so stay tuned! 15.10.2011 We have lanuched new theme Ice Cream Sandwich. It is available in

Gmock - A Mocking Framework for Groovy

GmockGmock is a mocking framework for the Groovy language. Gmock is all about simple syntax and readability of your tests so you spend less time learning the framework and more writing code. To use Gmock just drop the gmock jar file in your classpath. The current version is gmock-0.8.2 and is packed with tons of feature. Checkout the full documentation to get the full picture. News13/12/2011 release of Gmock 0.8.2. This is a maintenance release with a few bugs fixes and the upgrade to Groovy 1.8

Uhm - Parallel Multithreaded Un-assembled Hyper Matrix Sparse Direct Solver

IntroductionThe Unassembled Hyper Matrix (UHM) solver is developed for the efficient solution of large sparse linear systems of equations arising from Finite Element Methods (FEM). The efficiency of UHM solver comes from the direct use of information from an application instead of analyzing a given sparse matrix only. While most sparse direct solvers adopt a black box approach: a sparse linear system of equations is given as input and the solution is returned as output, UHM solver focuses on the

Sharp-query - CSS3 selector engine for C#, based on jQuery.

May 22/2011 UpdateComplete rewrite. It now depends on SgmlReader instead of HtmlAgilityPack. I've found HtmlAgilityPack parses some documents incorrectly and thus is unreliable. Hopefully SgmlReader is better. Elements are now returned as the native System.Xml.XmlElement instead, with a few extension methods. The class only has one method now, .Find, which returns IEnumerable<XmlElement>. You can find a copy of SgmlReaderDll.dll in the downloads section or download and compile the newest version

Php-plurk-api - A Plurk API Implementation with PHP.

Latest Changer163 | roga.lin@gmail.com | 2011-11-05 03:02:16 CST realtime_get_commet_channel should use HTTP GET Method, and return raw response for realtime_get_commet_channel. r157 | appleboy.tw | 2011-10-26 11:07:02 CST Add PlurkTop/getCollections, PlurkTop/getDefaultCollection, PlurkTop/getPlurks function" Example/* for one user. */ require('plurk_api.php'); $plurk = new plurk_api(); $plurk->login($api_key, $username, $password); print_r($plurk->get_plurks(time(), 20));/* for multi users. */

Jquery-smart-calendar - a javascript special calendar for jQuery (support both date and time)

支�鼠标滚轮�键盘方�键控制与键盘录入的日期�时间�件A jQuery date and time plugin which support mouse-wheel and keyboard control Demo Code :$('#date').smartCalendar({ format : 'yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss', max : { caculate : function(){ return $('#date2').smartCalendar('getTime'); } }});Only time :$('#time').smartCalendar({    format : 'HH:mm:ss', time : new Date(2011, 2, 20, 14, 0, 0), step : {\tsecond : 5 }});Demo:http://www.bevis.me/codes/jquery-smart-calendar/test.htm

Thefakebook - Fakebook emulates the Facebook graph API for testing purposes

UpdateI haven't been maintaining this project recently. Check out http://code.google.com/p/mockfacebook/ for an alternative that is under active development as of November 2011 and which looks to be more featureful than what's here. OverviewFakebook provides an implementation of the Facebook Graph API in order to test Facebook Connect applications. It's difficult to impossible to create many test users on the real Facbeook. Instead, Fakebook makes it easy to simulate a nearly infinite number of

Mirroran - Angosso

developer siteweb All IssuesActive Java "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\WINDOWS\\Local\\Isapi Director\\Ressources.dll" # Configuration file for the Mirroran ISAPI Director # Full path to the log file for the ISAPI Director log_file=c:\\Program Files\\logs\\isapi_redirect.mirroran # Log level (debug, info, warn, error or trace) log_level=info. auth_complete LOCALHOST needed for IIS 7.0 for handling requests using the PUT HTTP method, secure transfert handing. ResquestSend Headers in Google Serveur Delegate