QPlot - Advanced Calculator for Qtopia

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QPlot - an Advanced Mathematical Calculator Includes: natural-style input, 2-D and 3-D graphing, differentiating, integrating, equation solving, C-like PROGRAMMING, and a lot more! What's most exciting, it is EXTENSIBLE!




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Jqplotforcsharp - jqplot for c# allows you create your jQplot chart definition in c# and serialize t

Create a chart object, and some series data to it, set some settings, render it as JSON. Simple. Chart chart = new Chart("testChart1");chart.AddSeries(new XYSeriesData(myData));chart.options.AddSeriesOptions(ForType.Bar);aspLiteral1.Text = chart.Render(200,600);

qplot - Experiment with DirectX 10 in Qt.

Experiment with DirectX 10 in Qt.


Semantic HighCharts is an Alpha Project to Bring HighCharts to Semantic Mediawiki. It is similar in spirit and design to (though not a fork of) the jQPlot Result Format of Semantic Result Formats.


This repository has been deprecated and replaced with libStatGen, https://github.com/statgen/libStatGen and the tools have been broken out to other repositories including: https://github.com/statgen/bamUtil and https://github.com/statgen/qplot