Qt Palmtop Environment

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A complete user environment for handhelds and other small devices. X11 is not required, yet the full power of the Qt GUI framework is available.




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Qtopia Alarm Clock

A travel alarm clock for PDAs running the Qtopia palmtop environment (QPE), such as the Sharp Zaurus.


qpeGPS is a program for displaying a moving map centered at the position read from a GPS device. It's designed to run on a PDA with Qt/embedded (qtopia).

Qpe-food - RSS Aggregator for Qtopia

newsreader for Qtopia that using AJAX

Patches-dlux - Patches, small modules for other projects by dLux

This project contains my smaller contributions to other projects. The following patches are under this project: Qt Palmtop Environment (QPE), now QtopiaQPE homepage: http://qpe.sourceforge.net/ QCategorySelectQCategorySelect is a category selector widget for QPE. This implementation is similar to the category selector of PocketPC. The .tgz file can be downloaded from here. Just untar to the QPE tree and apply the Makefile.patch file. QSafeFileQSafeFile is a class derived from QFile (Qt library).