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qooxdoo-contrib is an integral part of the qooxdoo project, http://qooxdoo.org. Users can develop, maintain and promote contributions with great flexibility in a concise structure. Contributions can easily be integrated into custom qooxdoo applications.




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qxbuild is qooxdoo javascript framework all-in-one package

DiscontinuedThe QxBuild is discontinued project which will be deleted from the google-code. IntroductionThe QxBuild is package created by some members of the qooxdoo framework community. It contains set of configuration files that can generate all-in-one qooxdoo package + qxloader class that can be used to dynamically load qooxdoo + client scripts in a web browser (you can write very modular application using this approach). QxBuild comes with pre-build qooxdoo release for people that want just

Qxet - Qooxdoo extended themes

IntroductionQxEt is package that contains extended themes for qooxdoo-1.0 toolkit made by community. Currently there is only one theme called 'Light' that should replace Classic theme. It looks like default theme in qooxdoo-0.7.3, but with more vertical gradients. In addition, Light theme doesn't contain shadows and grid decorators so rendering is significantly faster than default qooxdoo themes. All QxEt images are based on SVG graphics that can be converted into PNG images using existing tools

dialog - Dialog contrib for qooxdoo

Dialog contrib for qooxdoo

qxZen - qooxdoo contrib

qooxdoo contrib

contrib-catalog - Catalog for qooxdoo-contrib contributions

Catalog for qooxdoo-contrib contributions

collapsablepanel - Collapsable Panel contrib for qooxdoo

Collapsable Panel contrib for qooxdoo

uploadwidget - Upload Widget contrib for qooxdoo

Upload Widget contrib for qooxdoo

aristo - Aristo theme contrib for Qooxdoo

Aristo theme contrib for Qooxdoo

contrib-platform - Infrastructure of the qooxdoo-contrib 2.0 platform

Infrastructure of the qooxdoo-contrib 2.0 platform

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