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QmailAdmin is a web interface for managing email addresses in virtual domains created by Vpopmail.




Related Projects

vpopmail - virtual domains for qmail

Vpopmail is a set of programs for creating and managing multiple virtual domains on a qmail server, with full support for many POP/IMAP servers. A web interface to vpopmail called QmailAdmin is on SourceForge as well.


Vmailadmin is a web tool for managing a qmail+vpopmail installation. It is main use is for ISP staff administration of pop accounts, quotas and etc. Vmailadmin development is dead. Try qmailadmin for a more up to date tool.

pMailAdmin - QmailAdmin for PHP

pMailAdmin - QmailAdmin written in PHP, for those who want to control qmail+vpopmail directly from PHP. This project may include the most current vpopmail extension for PHP. Requires PHP 4.3.3+ and vpopmail 5.5+


Qubit (Qmail Ultimate Backend Integration Tool) is a Full Web-based Qmail server configuration suit. Based on the qmailrules qmail server installation style. It has the same features of other tools (vqadmin, qmailadmin) but much much much more.

merrymail is an open source php webmail system , support qmail,postfix,vpopmail,qmailadmin

merrymail 是一个开�的php webmail系统,支�qmail,postfix,vpopmail,qmailadmin等unix邮件软件,采用php开�,具有并�性好,支�模�等特点。