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Qi breathes life into your projects by providing a collection of common utilities, helpers, extensions and services for .NET applications.




Related Projects

XiangQi Wizard

XiangQi Wizard (Chinese Chess Wizard) is a powerful XiangQi (chinese chess) program, which supports UCCI engines. XQWizard Light is the Mobile version for Windows CE and Java ME. ElephantEye is the UCCI engine in XQWizard with strong AI.

Palm Xiang Qi

PalmXQ is a human vs computer XiangQi (Chinese Chess) program that run on Palm device.

Qi-php - QiPHP is a Rapid Development Framework for PHP

QiPHP is an ultra-rapid OO development framework for PHP. Featuring unique data modeling tools, security features, and form-handling, Qi allows PHP developers to quickly scaffold and develop custom web applications very quickly.

Cq99 - chang qi 99

chang qi 99

Qix - QiX Base OS and Tool chain Development

QiX is an open source Audio processing hardware system. Using Linux for control and a DSP for processing audio.

Tex-baduk - ConTeXt module for typesetting Go/Baduk/WeiQi diagrams

baduk.tex is a ConTeXt Mk.IV module for typesetting Go/Baduk/WeiQi diagrams and games. It needs LuaTeX and MPLib library.

Admqi - Quick Install is a project to simplify software installation on GNU/Linux

Quick Install is one of those projects which opted for GSOC 2009. The goal was to simplify software installation on Fedora/Redhat. Now the project aims to simplify GNU/Linux software installation on a whole. Here you get to download a .qi file. you have to just download and double click on it ( and if prompts, then select run in terminal ). And your software will get installed. The .qi file is just a shell script which executes the necessary steps according to the system without requiring user i

Zhong-guo-xiang-qi - An English language version of Chinese Chess, created in Java using Java3D.

Zhong Guo Xiang Qi is an English language version of Chinese Chess, created in Java using Java 3D. This project is intended to include both a one player mode, with decent computer AI, and a two player mode that allows you to play over the internet.

Lege-penny-wzq - WuZiQi

五�棋 Gomoku 五目並�