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National Geographic Interactive CD Viewer for Linux




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Qgeoview - Qt based Geoaching Viewer

This is starting off as a GPX viewer compatible is GroundSpeak's GPX format. Arch Linux users can now install the svn version from AUR http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=39230 The current version of QGeoView does nothing much. I am in the middle of implementing a plugin system so that users can customize the application for the type of device they are using (ex: leaving out Map support for low-powered devices, custom load/export plugins, etc) Revision 17 has the old working code (allows yo

QGeoStat - QGeoStat is frontend for High Perfomance Geostatistics Library (HPGL)

QGeoStat is frontend for High Perfomance Geostatistics Library (HPGL)


Qt library for using MaxMind's GeoIP databases. Used in my master thesis: https://github.com/wimleers/master-thesis, which is performed at Hasselt University: http://uhasselt.be/.

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