QEMU Server Tools

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QEMU Server Tools is a set of simple command-line scripts written in Perl to manage multiple QEMU VMs easily without requiring a graphical frontend. It organizes VMs into directories and mimics the usage of command line tools from VMware Server.




Related Projects

Spice - Solution for interaction with Virtualized Desktop Devices

The Spice project aims to provide a complete open source solution for interaction with virtualized desktop devices. Its main focus is to provide high-quality remote access to QEMU virtual machine. Seeking to help break down the barriers to virtualization adoption by overcoming traditional desktop virtualization challenges, emphasizing user experience. For this purpose, Red Hat introduced the SPICE remote computing protocol that is used for Spice client-server communication.

QEMU - Machine Emulator and Virtualizer

QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer. When used as a machine emulator, QEMU can run OSes and programs made for one machine (e.g. an ARM board) on a different machine (e.g. your own PC). By using dynamic translation, it achieves very good performance.

Open QEMU Manager

Open QEMU Manager is a web manager running on Linux. With Open QEMU Manager you can configure, admin and run one or more qemu instance on the target host. Different user and admin menues permit easily to sell Virtual Private Servers (VPS) based on QEMU.


CASIMIR is a web-based PHP/MySQL interface which controls over SSH-secured connexions qemu/kvm virtual machines dispatched over several physical servers. It also provides to administrators the ability to delegate control of these machines to other users.

Itrs-test3 - submit and create programming assignments through the web

Designed for "Programming 101" courses, this web application allows: students to read problem descriptions, develop C programs in a minimal Linux environment and test their programs with input prepared by teaching assistants teaching assistants to edit the problems and test data through the browser conveniently It's like an "online-judge" system with a fancy wiki but where the actual testing happens on each students own computer. The bundled virtual machine image can be seen as a Dev-C++ / Visua

Virtualnetsystem - Virtual network system

massive virtual machine generator: own config interpreter many-many presets front-end to Qemu Project goalto run config like that: FreeBSD 8.0 {\teth {\t\t0 vnet 1 inet\t\t1 vnet 2\t\t2 vnet 2\t}\tlagg 3 {\t\tport {1, 2}\t\tinet\t}\t\troute default\tdhcpd {\t\tipPool 0 {\t\t\t192.168.3.1\t\t\t192.168.5.1\t\t}\t\tuse 0 on 3\t}\t}This will create the new virtual machine based on FreeBSD 8 with three NICs. The 1st

Virtex-linux - Linux distribution for the virtex-II Pro FPGA, using the embedded ppc-405

Virtex-Linux is a Small linux distro, suitable for use on the embedded powerpc-405 processor of the virtex-II FPGA. The XUP-V2P plataform is initially supported. The goal is to build a debian-like system, or to directly use debian repositories. History: New 13/4/2009: I have successfuly compiled 2.6.29 kernel using uartlite, xsysace and emaclite drivers with XPS 10.1 sp3. Instructions are here: http://code.google.com/p/virtex-linux/wiki/LinuxV2 As part of the required courses for my PHD in Compu

E-os - Experimental Operating System

E/OS is an operating system designed for the x86 architecture.NEWS: Added x86_64 support! Replaced GRUB with a custom bootloader. E/OS v0.03 has been release! (check it out in the "downloads" section) My current goal is to provide a method for users to be able to view the devices within the computer without having to physically open the case. I am trying to collect, manage, and allow users to view a ton of info. Hopefully this will allow people to see how many free memory slots there are or if t

Mod-actionscript - Apache module for running server-side ActionScript 3

Serverside ActionScript solution for Apache Http ServerThis software enables ActionScript 3 active web pages. Currently, there are server-side solutions for creating web-apps using most programming languages, from C/C++ to JavaScript or C#. This solution allows building web applications using the very flexible and yet powerful language ActionScript. It is based on Tamarin virtual machine, which is available as open source. This solution currently comes as a FastCGI implementation and has been te

Traner - Realistic Environment for Network Attack and Reconnaissance Training

Technical Description The purpose is to build a fully featured Linux/Network Security trainer that uses a hands-on approach to learning. The design is geared towards teaching a small to medium (1 - 50) class of students using a combination of documentation and hands-on experience with security tools. The platform will use a server/client model. Though not specified here, security obviously needs to be heavily considered in the design so as not to expose the "guts" of the lessons or allow the stu