Qdig - Quick Digital Image Gallery

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Qdig presents your images as a web gallery / photo album. Qdig supports directory navigation, captions, converting of thumbnail and alternate-sized images, flexible configuration, and gallery management. Qdig runs stand-alone or within another script.




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"PolyPager" is a Content Management System (CMS) for web pages.PolyPager gives you nice, simple websites. It is light-weight and preconfigured. If all you want is a website, not just a blog, run by you and only you, with pages, comments, RSS-feeding, HTML templating as well as out-of-the-box HTML Editor and Image gallery - try PolyPager. It is easy to use. I know there are some real powerful and huge CMS systems out there, which give you a boat full of choices, but I guess some people don't want


This project is simply an archive of the content of the nickolasnikolic.com website as the site is under redevelopment. It features a venerable php directory-based system for the portfolio from a project called QDig. It represents an interesting look at what someone with a week or so of experience in PHP is able to accomplish. (And experience matters... ;-) ) I like to look at it now and then because it is A. still live because I am too lazy to redevelop it, and B. because I remember how confuse