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A free suite of plugins for Quartz Composer to expand the library of components available for use.




Related Projects

Ofxqcplugin - Open Frameworks / Quartz Composer plugin bridge

ofxQCPlugin is an add on for Quartz Composer and Open Frameworks allowing developers to leverage the Open Frameworks media & programming environment to create new Quartz Composer plugins. ofxQCPlugin allows interoperability with the Quartz Composer 'run time' and the Open Framework environment, including image passing between both environments. The eventual goal is to be able to simply move your existing Open Frameworks ofBaseApp and with a simple re-compile have a functioning Quartz Composer pl

Cogegplreader - CoGeGPLReader

CoGeGPLReader is a plugin for Quartz Composer, for import GIMP Palette files (.gpl) as a structure of colors. 32/64bit, Universal Binary, for 10.5.8 or later

Cogebeatdetektor - CoGeBeatDetektor

Lightweigth BPM detection plugin for Quartz Composer, based on Charles J. Cliffe's BeatDetektor's Algorithm: http://sourceforge.net/projects/beatdetektor/ The plugin listens system's default audio input and provides the detected BPM number. 10.5.8 or later, 32 bit, Universal Binary To install the plugin, drop to: "/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-ins/"

Cogewebp - Quartz Composer plugin to loading WebP files

CoGeWebP is a plugin for Quartz Composer to load WebP files. More info on WebP format: http://code.google.com/speed/webp/ Based on Nick Zitzmann's Weppy code. 64bit, 10.6only

Cogerandom - CoGeRandom

This plugin is a very simple random number generator like thing. Its create a number array with integer values, between 0 and Count. Every time, when you call the New Number, the plugin makes a random value on the output from 0 and Count. This number will never presented, until you not reseting it with the Reset input. If no more values between 0 and Count (all possible values presented once) the output will be -1. 10.5.8 or later, 64bit, Universal binary. Use at your own risk. To install the pl

Cogepsbrushes - CoGePSBrushes

CoGePSBrushes Beta 3Written by Tamas Nagy - '.lov.' http://coge.lovqc.hu CoGePSBrushes is a Quartz Composer plugin, it present an image structure from a brush (.abr) file. Requires 10.5.8 or later. Universal Binary, 32bit. Use at your own risk. To install the plugin, drop to: "/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-ins/" Based on the code of Laura Dickey's BrushView Quicklook PlugIn http://brushviewer.sourceforge.net/ New in beta3: - stability improvements New in beta2: - fixes crash on loading


CoGeWebKit is a Quartz Composer plugin that leverages WebKit to allow offscreen rendering of web technologies including interactive Flash and Java content. Control mouse input, browse normally and post process rendered web pages in Quartz Composer. Universal Binary, 32/64 bit, 10.5.8 or later. Changelog rc3: adds isActive input parameter to toggle rendering on/off fixes a page loading issue removes restriction of maximum rendering dimension some other changes, fixes rc2: fixes issues with web se