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QASE is a Java-based API designed to provide all the functionality needed to create game agents in Quake 2. Powerful enough to facilitate high-end research, it is also suitable for undergrad courses geared towards classic AI and agent-based systems.



Related Projects

Q2-qase-bot - A bot for Quake 2 implemented using QASE API.

This project is a part of my engineering thesis. The task is to implement intelligent, learning agent capable of playing FPS computer game.

Q2-qase-bot-thesis - Engineering thesis. Quake 2 bot using QASE API. Uses reinforcement learning.

Thesis topic: Simulation of intelligent behavior of Non-Player Characters in First-Person Shooter computer game environment using Machine Learning techniques. There are two main objectives of the practical part of this thesis: 1.\tDesign and develop Quake II bot that is able to compete with human players and other third-party bots. 2.\tApply on-line reinforcement learning methods to chosen bot’s decision problem. The first one will allow us to test in practice basic methods of First-Person Sho