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Q3mass is a master server program for Quake III Arena engine-based games. It's easily extensible and supports multiple games. Q3mass-php, an offshoot project, is a PHP version of the application, allowing for web-based master servers.




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James-jara-mail-recolector - Recolector de correos massivos para web massivas, gestionado automatica

UPDATES AND MORE CODES HERE : http://www.facebook.com/pages/James-Jara-Web-Blog/184938988195355 how its look: Simple y sencillo recolector de correos el cual solo necesita ser linkeado en el "body" de un html, el script es totalmente configurable de la siguiente manera. MJJ = new mailer_jamesjara() MJJ.setId\t( "host_id" ); MJJ.setTitulo \t( "No se pierda las actualizacione"); MJJ.setContenido1( "mensaje 1!");\t\t\t MJJ.setContenido2( "Nosotros odiamos el spam");\t MJJ.setButton\t ( "Subscribir"

Mzrock - Automation of Targeted Metabolomics Data Analysis

IntroductionmzRock is a machine learning toolkit for automation of mass spectroscopy data analysis. The program was designed to work with chromatograms obtained from triple-quad instruments, but it could be easily adapted to work with other type of instruments. The main goal of the software is to mimic human calls in peak selection, grouping, and annotation of presence/absence of metabolite in a sample. From user point of view, all that needs to be done is to drop files into designated folder, a

Libcitygml - C++ CityGML parser for 3D applications

Last version: libcitygml v.0.1.4 & citygml2vrml v.0.1.3 Want to join the libcitygml developer team? Contact us! News07.22.11 - Some fixes were published on the SVN! libcitygml v.0.1.5 is coming soon. 08.11.10 - libcitygml v.0.1.4 (check the SVN!) adds support for SRS & coordinates transformations. 07.30.10 - New in libcitygml v.0.1.3: Support for CityGML Bridge ADE and CityGML Tunnel ADE(aka Subsurface Structure ADE). 06.14.10 - Add support for LibXml2 instead of Xerces-c (both are now supported

Drugdiscovery - the study of activities of natural products

The project aims to studying the activities of natural products. The following work is progressing ......1: Collection of molecular files of natural products The relationship between 100 natural products and OATP1B1 inhibtor ability has been established. 2: Relationship between chemical structures and odors is studying ...... The correlations between odor thresholds and molecular properties have been investigated. A set of 97 aliphatic alcohol molecules was used for constructing significant QSAR

Qsar - the study of QSAR/QSPR approaches

Welcome to our website: http://cbdd.csu.edu.cn/index The project is mainly to develop some new QSAR/QSPR algorithms including outlier detection, robust regression, variable selection, and moldeling algorihms etc. (1) A New Strategy of Outlier Detection for QSAR/QSPR The crucial step of building a high performance QSAR/QSPR model is the detection of outliers in the model. Detecting outliers in a multivariate point cloud is not trivial, especially when several outliers coexist in the model. The cl