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Q10 is the QT based application GUI for he popular x10 daemon heyu which controls home automation appliances. It was built with porting for embedded systems in mind and used in touch-screen displays as it also features a virtual on-screen keyboard.




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Pyqmatrix - Solves kinetic gating schemes using the Q-Matrix approach by Colquhoun & Hawkes.

NewsAs of December 2010, the Q-Matrix project has moved to DC_PyPs. pyqmatrix is obsolete and will be scheduled for deletion in the near future. IntroductionThis Python module implements the Q-Matrix approach by Colquhoun & Hawkes (1977) to solve kinetic schemes that describe the gating of voltage- or drug-operated ion channels. InstallationStandalone Python moduleA pure Python module that only depends on numpy can be obtained from the Downloads page. Move the file (qmatpy-x.y.z.py) to a place w

Edgarr - A library for accessing EDGAR data from the SEC using Ruby

EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system) is the US Securities and Exchange Commission system used for submitting and retrieving filings by publicly traded companies. Filings can be anything from a Form 10-Q (a quarterly statement) to a Form 4 (statement of changes in beneficial ownership).

Jsonmarshaller - Fast, Lightweight, Easy to Use and Type Safe JSON marshalling library for Java

JsonMarshaller is a Java 1.5 library that allows marshalling and unmarshalling of JSON objects to and from entities ("Java classes"). Release of 1.0After almost three years of feedback (thanks!), the 1.0 release is almost ready. We are hoping to complete it for Q1 or Q2 of 2009. The remaining enhancements are (r2) dependency on ASM, (r7) registering types, (r20) strategies and critical bugs r11, r15. Goalssimplicity - Using this library should be obvious and require the smallest knowledge about

Cyb - Calculate Your Brain

Calculate Your Brain is a simple single html file that using JavaScript to generate a list of simple mathematic questions and allow people to answer it as fast as possible. The final answer will be display after the last question or press on Answer button to show the results. DetailsConceptThis simple calculation is just to train your brain for calculation that we almost forget. SettingPassing query string Digit(d), Total Question(q) or Math symbol(s) "plus", "minus","times" to increase the diff

Earthquake2008 - The Earthquake Real-Time Reporter (eq)

Real-time reports of earthquakes occured in California and Nevada (eq) This program is free software developed by Calvin Ma. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY! Usage: eq [[-g magnitude][-m email][-q max]|-h|-v] -g magnitude: To opt-out earthquakes with magnitudes less than the input (default 0). -m email: To create a cron job. An email will be sent to you as soon as an earthquake qualifying your descriptions occurs. -q NUM: To query at most

Magi-text-writer - 一个能让你�下心�专心写作的文本处�器

一个能够让你�下心�专心写作的文本编辑器,UI方�全模外国的编辑器Q10 解决了Q10无法正常显示中文的情况。 特色功能: 专心致志模�,根�您的需�定制在一段时间内�定您的电脑,使您�能专心写文。 �支�Windows98,�行需�安装: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Microsoft .NET Framework 2.5

Class-query - $q->select()->from->('`mytable`')->limit(10)->page(3)->run()

Class Query ExamplesSelectSelect From TableSelect With Criteria And LimitSelect With Order By And LimitSelect With PageInsertInsert IntoInsert Into, Select InsertedUpdateUpdate Table With Criteria And LimitReplaceDeleteUsageQuick InstallExampleSee All ExamplesSee SourceCheckout ExamplesSelectSelect From Table$q=new Query;$q\t->select()\t->from('`user`')\t->run();/* -> \tSELECT\t\t*\tFROM\t\t`user`*/Select With Criteria And Limit// Find the user_id, name and email for the specified user from the

Active-support-for-javascript - ActiveSupport for JavaScript bundles a lot of extensions to the lang

The focus is to extend the language, modifying the base classes to add several handy methods and shortcuts. It works on top of Prototype and extends the core classes somewhat to the same extent than ActiveSupport extends ruby's core to make a lot of stuff pretty. For example, you can do things like: (10).minutes().fromNow() //=> Date object ten minutes in the future "person".pluralize() //=> "people" ["dog", "cat", "mouse"].toSentence() //=> "dog, cat and mouse" Date.now().strftime("It's %H:%M")

Python-httpclient-gui - A cross-platform tool for debugging HTTP rmessages.

HTTPClientThis application sends an HTTP request and displays the response. It attempts to format the body nicely if the Content-Type indicates XML or XHTML. Requests are stored in XML documents and passed to the application on the command line. The examples directory contains a DTD and several sample documents. When a response is received, the application displays: protocol version (HTTP/1.0 or HTTP/1.1) status code reason headers body A full GUI is planned for a later release. RequirementsPyth