Q Disassembler

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Q Disassembler is a flexible disassembly engine that aims to provide precise information about machine instructions while maintaining OS-independence and performance.




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MiniPauker is like Pauker.sf.net a generic flashcard learning program, but written in J2ME for the use with mobile devices supporting J2ME with MIDP2, JSR-75. MiniPauker is compatible with Pauker (import/export). Similar: http://bit.ly/dVew9q


OpenDemo creates open sourced computer games recordings (demo files) for 3D games like Quake III Arena. These OpenDemo files will be much better suited for machinima purposes, than the original propriatary formats. Works with Q3A, RtCW, SOF2, JK2, STEF.


AutoQ3D - a complete QT quick 3d model editor program

Tempaq2 - TempaQ2 - PHP IRC bot

TempaQ2 - PHP5 IRC botRequirements for fast startLinux with cron PHP5 CLI some free time Fast startdownload TempaQ2 source to any folder, e.g. "/home/user/tempaq2" open /home/user/tempaq2/bot/conf.php in text editor, and enter your configuration create new entry for cron like: */2 * * * * /usr/bin/php /home/user/tempaq2/run.php wait for TempaQ2 on Your channel :) TempaQ2 almost-completely written by Tomusdrw. Originally TempaQ (ver 1) was written by EnD.

Lapderl - A protocol stack implementation of the link access procedures for the D-channel (LAPD)

The LAPD application is a protocol stack implementation of the link access procedures for the D-channel as specified in ITU-T Q.921 ISDN user-network interface - Data link layer specification. The LAPD protocol is most commonly used as layer 2 in ISDN customer access signaling. Other notable uses include the Abis interface of GSM (BTS to BSC).

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Polhemthegame - A 2d shooter where you protect Polhem from evilness.

Mango Entertainment's first game. A small shoot 'em up game, currently in development by two students from Polhemsgymnasiet Sweden. With loads of blood, gore and slashing! Planned release Q1 2010!

Cod4map2 - Fragments of a Call of Duty 1 and 4 decompiler

Bits of a program I was working on based off of the q3map2.exe source that was meant to decompile and compile Call of Duty 1 .bsp files and Call of Duty 4 .d3dbsp files. I'm not touching this again though since I have other projects I'd rather work on.

Pyqmatrix - Solves kinetic gating schemes using the Q-Matrix approach by Colquhoun & Hawkes.

NewsAs of December 2010, the Q-Matrix project has moved to DC_PyPs. pyqmatrix is obsolete and will be scheduled for deletion in the near future. IntroductionThis Python module implements the Q-Matrix approach by Colquhoun & Hawkes (1977) to solve kinetic schemes that describe the gating of voltage- or drug-operated ion channels. InstallationStandalone Python moduleA pure Python module that only depends on numpy can be obtained from the Downloads page. Move the file (qmatpy-x.y.z.py) to a place w


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