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C++ lib with useful functions.



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Pyxis-webframework - Pyxis Web Framework for Python

Pyxis is a Web framework for Python, based on Pylons, ToscaWidgets, and Elixir.

Pyxis - Pyxis is a suite of plugins that are useful for the numerical modeling of scientific and eng

Pyxis is a repository for various libraries, plug-ins, and small programs. The purpose of most of the components is to approximate solutions to partial differential equations which originate in science and engineering.

Pyxis-js - Unofficial Pandora Radio Google Chrome Integration

PyxisJS is a JavaScript library that interfaces with the Pandora API in order to control and observe tracks, artists, and stations currently being played.

Pyxis Install Maker

This utility creates single file installs for Pyxis 2 applications.

Pyxy - Python based implementation of SASS-like CSS files.

AboutThis application allows for an enhanced super-set of CSS, based somewhat on SASS. At the moment, the features are: Variables - variables can be used to define CSS rules. Nesting - nested selectors will output correct long-hand CSS Compression - remove unnecessary white-space. Future additions: Mixins Selector extensions Caching RequiresPython 2.0+ Apache + mod Rewrite SetupPlace python script in cgi-bin folder. ########## Begin PyCSS#Action process-css /cgi-bin/pycss.pyAddHandler process-cs

Pyxis Toolkit

This project is a repository of open source tools that can be used in any project.

Projykt-pyxis - A web application to enable online real-time classroom collaboration

Created in php, mySQL and xHTML, this project aims to provide a platform for students and instructors with web access to interact during a classroom.

PyxieSax - Release history of PyxieSax

Release history of PyxieSax

Pyxis - Pyxis Solutions Partners App

Pyxis Solutions Partners App

lottery - Solution to the Pyxis Lottery test in Clojure

Solution to the Pyxis Lottery test in Clojure