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PyWM is a fast, light and flexible window manager for X11 desktops which is fully (and very easily) scriptable in Python. Automate and control your desktop to your heart's content.



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Antiochs-handgrenade - Antioch's Handgrenade is a lightweight desktop environment written in Pyt

Well, the idea of this project started a long time ago. Back when KDE4.0 first came out. Now many geeks were shocked at how KDE4.0 looked (Most will now admit that KDE4 has gotten better over time). This project was originally came up with mostly so that the maintainer could call his manual "the Book of Armourments". The maintainer figured she could do a better job than KDE4.0. Also not have it take up so much bloody RAM. So the idea of a lightweight python based Desktop Environment using QT4 wa

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