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pyWings is a program that allows you to consult an original modern oracle called The Newwings Oracle. pyWings is written in the Python programming language, using its oop inteface to the Tk GUI toolkit.



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Pyws - Python web server using python as scripting language

are you bored using php and apache? Try PyWS, a new server experience VersionNo stable version you can also download the devel relase from SVN Devel version faturesSupports POST/GET iusses Spports COOKIE Uses MIME Types Python Core i't rocks XD How to installsvn checkout pywscd pywsvi pyws.cfg # Edit line 9 like : www_path "<path to pyws>/www/"./pyws # and have fun...server up on port 8080RoadmapFirst Beta versionSupports GET/POST iusses + Supports COOKIE +

Pythonautopaint - This is a paint program written with wxPython that automates the re-drawing of an

This program is used not for any functional purpose but more of an entertaining way to see that a full image is really just made up of only a few colours. It opens an image and then proceeds to re-draw it. The source is in .py files. Sometimes there will also be pyw files. I would not reccomend downloading the old versions as they have issues with some computers.

Py-w2b - Wordpress to blogger

Import the Wordpress XML backup file to blogger. Written in python. gdata-python-client required.

Randomdishes - order dishes from menu randomly

Description简介This software orders dishes from a predefined menu randomly. It's written in python 3.0 and Tkinter. 本程��以从预定义��中�机选择几��。它是用python 3.0和Tkinter写�的。 usage用法Install python 3.0 run foodorder_tk.pyw 安装 python 3.0 �行 foodorder_tk.pyw

Ptimer - Pomodoro Timer in Python using Qt

pTimer is a simple timer program that can be used as a recurring Alarm clock. It can be used to practice the Pomodoro technique. This project is written in Python using pyqt4. You will need pyqt4 installed on your system to run this program. ptqt4: How to Use: Download and unzip the ptimer Launch Windows: Rename to ptimer.pyw. Double click on ptimer.pyw. Linux/Mac OS X: Type './' from Terminal Set the appropr

Pootle2py - Translation Tool Inspired by the most famous Pootle

NEED SOME WORK DescriptionThis project has been inspired by Pootle: the Translation Tool running on Django. I spent few months customizing Pootle for a big telco operator and I found it amazing thanks to the web interface and reporting based on user activities. And, of course, I had fun programming with python. Even though, I didn't like something: Pootle works directly on files that have to be translated. File types are very common in python, linux and qt world, but it forget java, android etc.

Citecheck - Create reference list from author-name citations in text files or Word documents.

The aim of the project is to provide a tool to check that the references listed in the reference list of a scientific manuscript are also cited in the text and vice-versa. The program creates a list of references from the text by identifying portions of the text that look like citations, and parsing them. The format checking is implemented with regular expression. The program only analyses plain text, so Word files are converted into plain text using COM in Windows, and catdoc in Linux. How to i

Unicode-input-by-name - Unicode input tool which allows searching for characters by their names

There are many utilities that allow the input of any unicode characters, given their (hexa)decimal codes. But that's really cumbersome. This software allows searching for a character by its name, then copies it to the clipboard in order to be pasted anywhere. InstallationOn Windows: there is no setup yet, just unzip the file. Run uibn.exe. Others: download the source code, install wxPython 2.8.x.x. Run uibn.pyw (you may need to set its permission first). Tested on Ubuntu; I have no idea if it wo

Eptidy - TV Episode Tidier - A program to flexibly organise your TV episodes

What does it do?Tidy up all your tv episodes. Rename and move your files in the way and location of your choice. Downloads episode names from imdb and renames them in the format you specify all from a cross platform native looking gui. Easily extended and editable to support other tv shows. Eptidy supports proxy setting. How to use eptidyEptidy manages your collection of TV episodes by scanning their file names, determining season and episode numbers, and retrieving the corresponding episode nam

Wifipassreminder - This isn&#39;t a program to hack wireless networks, is to recover yourself Thomso

WifiPassReminder, coded by Buterrip, under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE-Version 3, 29 June 2007, you can find the license in LICENSE.txt This isn't a program to hack wireless networks, is to recover yourself Thomson or Dlink password over ssid and mac address(New 1.1 version doesn't need mac anymore, only SSID :)). Please don't use it for bad proposes. How to use: If you use windows: You can use this Windows Simple Installer with all stuff included, (Old version 1.0.2) Or: Install Python Install P